Fishladder 3

A Payload Race map that has a slightly over powered tank as the cart

  1. less water, more models

    The map is at version 3.
    - Added new models for the door the tank punches a hole in.
    - rebuilt the wall the tank punches a hole in.
    - new container skins
    - the back locks are now drained of water. No swimming.
    - area portals and hint brushes installed
  2. first update!

    The map has been updated from a sketch to a map... that's not a sketch!

    The entire thing has been rebuilt, so while the concept some of the map may be familiar, it is all new polygons and pixels when compared to version 1.

    Higher ceilings!
    Exploding barrels and mines!
    Larger spaces to push a tank through!
    More custom signs and fences!
    New track layout!
    A new poster to tell you what to do!