72hr Extraction b6

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72hr Extraction b6

Extract a thing from another thing

Available on the Steam Workshop!

AKA sd_tricia pt. 2

Just like last time, the objective is to take the flag (this time from a Mayan temple), and bring it to the helipad to signal the helicopter to come pick it up. There is a twist though: you need to capture it three times to win!

Features some Mayann theme assets, the helicopter from the Frontline pack, and some much more streamlined gamemode logic.

Developed on-location at Studio de Berry's House

(NOTE: the filename uses the ctf_ prefix because the sd_ prefix overwrites the HUD and removes the capture counters)

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Latest updates

  1. ctf_extraction_b6

    Helicopter: * replaced the awful brushwork crane hook with a custom prop (an animated version of the props_forest crane hook with the cable removed, courtesy of AsG_Alligator) General: * clipping! * a bit of artpass stuff * maybe some other...
  2. ctf_extraction_b5

    General: * fixed some unrealistic lighting in some spots * fixed some occluding issues * fixed some dodgy clipping * slight detailing improvements Mid: * fixed a sign that had the wrong text on it Heli Pad: * lowered the volume of the waterfall...
  3. ctf_extraction_b4

    General: * replaced gameplay signs with custom ones created by Urban! * continued artpass * clipping improvements * fixed some spots that players could get stuck on * brightened up some dark spots

Latest reviews

i really like it, very few sd maps manage to be this good. Detailing and structure are really well made. The theme is spectacular, probably the best community sd map yet.
it's really good map!