Triple Trouble

Multi Stage Triple Trouble a13b

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Multi Stage Triple Trouble a13b

Semi-linear Payload map

Three-stage Payload map where BLU's starting point is the same every round.

Also known as "& Tails 2"


Additional credits:
Wendy for the cart holograms
Lacry for the squirrel cutouts
Cindycomma for the genderfluid pride flag sign
Empress Gnome for the "trans rights" sign
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. a13b

    * Fixed gamebreaking bug of RED team spawning in the wrong stages No packed briefing photos this time sorry
  2. pl_tripletrouble_a13a

    Fixed being able to enter Stage 1 when Stage 3 was active Fixed Stage indicator in BLU spawn showing incorrect active stage Rephrased "Current Round" to "Current Stage"
  3. pl_tripletrouble_a13

    Fuck it. Swapped orders of Stage 1 and 2 Added stage numbers to RED spawns Added some cover for attackers at Stage 2 (formerly Stage 1) Tweaked health and ammo pickups in favour of attackers Put an extra roof decoration on the center building...