72hr Jam 2022 Extraction b6

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* replaced the awful brushwork crane hook with a custom prop (an animated version of the props_forest crane hook with the cable removed, courtesy of AsG_Alligator)

* clipping!
* a bit of artpass stuff
* maybe some other things idk
* fixed some unrealistic lighting in some spots
* fixed some occluding issues
* fixed some dodgy clipping
* slight detailing improvements

* fixed a sign that had the wrong text on it

Heli Pad:
* lowered the volume of the waterfall sounds
* replaced gameplay signs with custom ones created by Urban!
* continued artpass
* clipping improvements
* fixed some spots that players could get stuck on
* brightened up some dark spots
* made the 3D skybox less crap
* more foliage!
* HDR lighting!
* modified the helicopter path so it doesn't appear to spring up out of some rock
* optimisation improvements (including much prop fading)
* added actual cubemaps (which I totally didn't forget to do last time)

by Muddy

* artpass! still a work in progress tho
* some optimisation

* players can no longer capture the flag until the crane hook is fully extended
* replaced the crane hook with one that opens and closes

Flag Room:
* added two routes (well, one route that's been mirrored) to the upper bit behind the flag






* fixed the flag doing that thing where it doesn't work properly
Forgot to update the thread with the previous version again rip

* fixed players being able to pick up the flag as soon as it respawns (for real this time!!!!!!!)

* re-added the flag timer (thanks to Izotope for some entity help there)
* player spawn direction is now based on the status of the flag; players will spawn facing the helicopter pad if the flag is active, and the flag pickup room if it's not

Helicopter Pad:
* removed medium ammopacks to hopefully nerf Engineers around that one particular spot
* flag now needs to be 'captured' before being picked up - simply stand on the flag for 2 seconds (only applies when the flag is neutral)
* flag reset time is now longer if the helicopter is present (30s with the helicopter, 20s without)
* fixed players being able to pick up the flag as soon as it resets

Helicopter Pad:
* fixed helicopter killtrigger not being parented to the helicopter
* added some low walls to the helipad to make it harder to airblast players off of it
* the lights on the helipad are now team-coloured

Flag Room
* added a bit of cover to the flag spawnroom
Turns out I forgot to update this thread when I updated this map to _a4 and now I'm on _a5 lol whoops

* lowered respawn times overall
* when the flag is picked up, the other team's respawn time is lowered slightly
* adjusted health/ammo pickup placement a bit
* fixed a couple of issues regarding map symmetry

Heli Pad:
* added another route around the edge of the cliff to hopefully make it harder and less frustrating to fall down
* moved the health kit out from under the helipad to said new route

* reduced flag reset timer to 20s
* clipping improvements
* added more ammopacks (and a teeny bit more health too)

Heli Pad:
* the helicopter hook can now be blocked if an enemy is standing on the helipad
* made the wooden platform hanging over the cliff wider

Flag Room:
* expanded the back room a bit to allow Engineers to set up easier (and also to give Spies another place to hide)

* fixed spawndoors being openable by the wrong teams
* textures! mostly for team recognition
* improved clipping

* fixed the flag appearing as the wrong team (turns out this was a very simple fix lol whoops)

* added a second resupply locker

Capture Zone:
* fixed duplicate health kit
* removed wire wall to allow for another route onto the pad
* fixed being able to stand on the helicopter

* added a couple more routes to the upper areas