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Quick & Dirty Invade CTF Announcer Fix v2

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Quick & Dirty Invade CTF Announcer Fix v2

Now you know the enemy has taken our intelligence

If you make a flag-based map that doesn't use standard CTF rules, you're likely to run into an issue where the console is filled with "missing audio" errors and the announcer doesn't speak (save for lines related to the round timer). This is due to a bug that I think has existed since game launch, where the game tries to find specific Announcer voice lines, but the specified audio files don't exist.

This quickly-slapped-together mod puts those voicelines in the game, keeping the console error-free and teams updated on how their flags are doing.

To install, just merge the "custom" folder with your own tf/custom folder. These voice lines must be packed into your map like all other custom content you're using. (You may need to specify them in CompilePal, VIDE or whatever else you're using to pack your map)

Due to the way the game is programmed, there is only one announcer line per "event" (e.g. enemy flag pickup, team flag drop, team flag return etc), while standard CTF uses multiple lines that alternate. You can get around this issue using a soundscript, but that's getting into advanced territory. This is intended as a quick and easy fix for newbie mappers and anyone working on alpha-stage maps.
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