Tricia a6

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Tricia a6

Jungle-themed SD map that isn't Congo

(on hiatus for the time being)

A Special Delivery map in which players must pick up the Australium and deliver it to the capture zone, whereupon a helicopter will fly in and take it away.

Thanks to:
ForbiddenDonut for making Congo, from which I stole many ideas took much inspiration
YM for making the helicopter entity setup since I'm fucking shit at that sort of thing
heyo for the jungle assets (and also for making Borneo, another major influence)

First release
Last update
Special Delivery

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Latest updates

  1. a6

    a6: * the helicopter no longer lands on the capture zone; instead, the helicopter lowers altitude to a certain point and then lowers a crane hook into which players must deposit the flag; this is cos people didn't seem to enjoy being crushed by...
  2. a5

    a5: * added 6-second setup time, because apparently Special Delivery does that * fixed the flag return time, it now resets after 15s (thought I fixed this in the last version, apparently not) * added stuff to the flag pickup zone * changed the...
  3. a4c

    a4c: * packed the custom content, which I apparently didn't do properly last time * players can no longer ride the helicopter... for real this time, folks * fixed the flag getting caught in the spawn doors Thanks Darren for finding these bugs...