Distillery A11

Symmetrical 5-CP map

  1. Additional route to central CP and several minor changes

    • Added stairs at middle CP to connect the lower areas
    • Added doorway as new main route to middle CP
    • Added small fence for cover at second CP
    • Made the tall fence at second CP shorter
    • Changed some of the ammo and health pickups across the map
    • Changed cargo containers to be walk-through
    • Minor changes in the final CP area
    • Added some custom props (work in progress)
    • More detailing work


    1. cp_distillery_a110000.jpg
    2. cp_distillery_a110001.jpg
    3. cp_distillery_a110002.jpg
    4. cp_distillery_a110003.jpg
    5. cp_distillery_a110004.jpg
    6. cp_distillery_a110005.jpg
    7. cp_distillery_a110006.jpg
    8. cp_distillery_a110008.jpg
    9. cp_distillery_a110009.jpg
  2. Changed second forward spawn

    • Moved second forward spawn further away from second CP
    • Added stairs to middle route from second to central CP
    • Fixed some clipping issues


    1. cp_distillery_a100003.jpg
    2. cp_distillery_a100000.jpg
    3. cp_distillery_a100001.jpg
  3. Reworked final control point

    • Reworked final CP and the area leading to second CP
    • Changed capture time for second CP from 5 to 7 seconds
    • Extended catwalks at the central CP
    • Fixed clipping on some props
  4. Changed path flow in the container area

    Changed path flow in the container area


    1. cp_distillery_a80000.jpg
  5. Added missing materials

    Added missing custom materials
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  6. Spawn setup fix and gameplay improvements

    • Added pathways leading to upper level at the middle CP
    • Added raised pathway to flanking route at second CP
    • Added platform for sentry nests at second CP
    • Blocked long sightline at second CP
    • Changed spawn logic to regular 5 CP
    • Removed setup timer
    • Removed some props to improve flow
    Many thanks to @lucrative for taking the time to review the map layout and for providing feedback!
  7. 5-CP layout test

    • Changed from 3-CP to 5-CP
    • Added setup timer
    • Started detailing


    1. cp_distillery_a60001.jpg
    2. cp_distillery_a60002.jpg
    3. cp_distillery_a60003.jpg
    4. cp_distillery_a60004.jpg
    5. cp_distillery_a60005.jpg
    6. cp_distillery_a60006.jpg
    7. cp_distillery_a60007.jpg
    8. cp_distillery_a60008.jpg
    9. cp_distillery_a60009.jpg
    10. cp_distillery_a60010.jpg
  8. Back to 3-CP, redesigned final cap area

    • Changed game mode back to 3-CP
    • Shortened the map
    • Completely redesigned the final capture point area
  9. Additional small route to central area

    • Added small side route to the central area that leads to an elevated platform
    • Added more cover to the central area
  10. Changed to CTF to see if that works better

    • Changed game mode to CTF
    • Further increased space in the central area and removed upper level
    • Added alternative route underneath the central area
    • Reworked flanking routes