Depot A4

Is it really a spawn to spawn sightline if there's props in the way?

  1. bump

    generic named map is back!
    haven't updated in ages
    came up with some new spawns, trying 2 different placements at once
  2. Is it really that time again?

    Merry Christmas, have a new spawn & mid


    1. moving_van.jpg
    2. indoor_mid.jpg
    3. gutter.jpg
  3. Less Choke, More Options

    Added a big room next to the point, just like Lakeside
    Added a walkway 256hu up in the big room, just like Suijin
    Added a room with a mesh floor, just like... Upward?
    Flank drop down now has stairs
    Moved lights clipping with ceilings down 16hu
    Any many other, harder to describe changes


    1. loomynarty.jpg
    2. new_alley.jpg
    3. point.jpg