KotH Depot A4

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L4: Comfortable Member
Aug 12, 2016
Depot - Spawn to spawn sightlines don't count if there's props in the way

A small, flat, dreary looking map I came up with gazing at industrial buildings on a rainy drive home


L4: Comfortable Member
Aug 12, 2016
Added a big room next to the point, just like Lakeside
Added a walkway 256hu up in the big room, just like Suijin
Added a room with a mesh floor, just like... Upward?
Flank drop down now has stairs
Moved lights clipping with ceilings down 16hu
Any many other, harder to describe changes

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Feb 8, 2016
i have to say that i had a really good time playing your map yesterday. but the main issue of the map is that it's too Small And there was only 1 way to get to the point. ( and the point was obviously smaller ) if you fix those 2-3 issues i see your map being really fun to play. good luck with your map bro :D


Certified TF2 Cartographer
Feb 16, 2018
So, the first thing that stands out to me that monumental sightline across the point. I know you’re fairly experienced, biscuit, so I won’t lecture you on controlling sight lines. Maybe raise the point a little bit, that area seems flat. Other than that, there are a few areas that might be a little open, but there are no remarkable flaws. I like the height variation in some of the other areas, and the map itself has an interesting concept. Keep working, biscuit, this map has some potential!


L3: Member
May 9, 2018
This map is full of potential, but you should probalby extend the travel time from spawn to the point, right now when you overextend a bit you get directly in front of the spawn.