Delivery A22

A King of the Hill map with a standard industrial theme.

  1. More Mid Work

    erectin' a map
    - Completely revamped the far right flank, removed the catwalk so the enemy couldn't easily get into the enemy base

    - Extended a catwalk and removed a wall to open up a hallway a little
  2. Making it Easier

    erectin' a map
    - Added an extra doorway in the base just as a shorter route

    - Opened up a couple areas to make attacking the point easier
  3. Getting Closer

    erectin' a map
    - Minor detailing

    - Tried to fix a sightline

    - Moved a couple props around to improve cover
  4. Bug Fixes

    erectin' a map
    - Fixed missing skybox

    - Changed some small healthkits to ammo packs
  5. The Very Small Update

    erectin' a map
    - Added a couple extra props to cover an extra sightline

    - Minor detailing

    This is more of an add-on to A17, I just wanted to tie up a couple loose ends.
  6. Trouble With Sightlines

    erectin' a map
    - Tried to fix some problematic sightlines (adding metal barriers, moving a doorway)

    - Added some more props as cover

    - Made the main walkway route have a bigger ramp
  7. Design Changes

    erectin' a map
    - Changed the far left route so there wasn't a huge sightline.

    - Broke up the road route into two levels, not connected by a big ramp

    - Added some more props so the map wasn't empty

    - Added some more pickups
  8. It's the Little Things

    erectin' a map
    - Tried to open up Mid more so it's not as cramped - made the ramp flank exit to open-air.

    - Moved the door flank on mid so it's not so close to the enemy base, as well as removed a metal barrier so you aren't covered when using it.

    - Fixed that weird dropdown and missing brush (Don't know how that happened!)
  9. Flanks + Such

    erectin' a map
    - Fixed the poor respawn times (finally!)

    - Added an additional flank so you can go past the point.

    - Lowered the elevated area by the point so you can go into it (changed it to a ramp.)
  10. Big Changes

    erectin' a map
    - Removed some cargo crates by mid and extended the gray building flank.

    - Removed some other cargo crates and replaced them with a bridge flank.

    - Added a couple pickups.

    - Polished a bunch of misaligned textures and shoddy brushwork.

    - Added doorframes to the doors to make them the same size.

    - Tried to fix a couple sightlines.

    - Altered the interior a little.