Delivery A9

A King of the Hill map with a standard industrial theme.

  1. Get on point, stupid!

    erectin' a map
    - Completely revamped mid (new cover, new layout, etc)

    - Shortened the gray flank building and added an extra fence

    - Added two health kits on mid
  2. Stand. On. The. POINT, numbnuts!

    erectin' a map
    - Moved right spawn door so you don't have to make a turn when leaving spawn

    - Altered dropdown so you don't have to do a 180

    - Added some more lighting in the outdoor area

    - Removed one of the doors exiting lobby

    - Elevated the point

    - Moved the balcony flank so it exits on the point
  3. I hate you campers! Everybody bloody hates you!

    erectin' a map
    - Removed balcony, as it was too OP for snipers

    - Replaced it with a dropdown

    - Modified mid to add some height variation and to make it more interesting

    - Tried to fix some problems with scaling
  4. Happy Little Detailing

    erectin' a map
    - More detailing

    - Tried to make the balcony less OP for snipers

    - Added another medkit and ammopack
  5. I don't have a pun name for this one.

    erectin' a map
    - Added minor prop detailing

    - Tried to fix some of the overscale issues
  6. This is not a camping trip, Sheila!

    erectin' a map
    - Revamped spawn to try and prevent spawncamping

    - Removed large packs in lobby

    - Fixed lighting on battlements

    - Added cover on battlements

    - Fixed other lighting issues
  7. It's a Small World

    erectin' a map
    - Made the map significantly shorter

    - Made the oversized rooms smaller

    - Fixed a sightline

    - Removed shutter doors in gray buildings

    - Fixed the resupply cabinets (oops)

    - Changed the layout a little