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Deadlock rc1

Open Fortress Deathmatch map set by a cliff

Deadlock is a Deathmatch map for Open Fortress, a standalone TF2 mod. You can check it out here: http://openfortress.fun/

For this project I attempted to focus on player flow through routes and height variation as well as experimenting with angles. Download Open Fortress and check it out to see if it's any good :D
First release
Last update
Open Fortress
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Latest updates

  1. shoulda checked that

    -fixed visable no-draw brush faces
  2. Forgot I hadn't done this

    -full detail pass -optimization -a few layout changes to provide cover and move around sightlines -updated logic to work off of Open Fortress's new system for power-ups and announcer lines -changed around a few weapons -moved around and added...
  3. Tools of Destruction

    -detailing -added shotgun - added grenade launcher -removed flamethrower -swapped around which weapons spawn where -added more med health kits -added more med ammo packs -blocked long sightline route into the bottom of the warehouse -added...