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  1. TheWither031

    Plateau a3a

    Please comment feedback! Made for Open Fortress deathmatch. Frag your friends! Open Fortress Download Custom Assets sky_night_02 - Aeon "Void" Bollig Open Fortress OST: Badworks - ChargingTurnip
  2. gokrow

    DM rbx_glasshouses

    gokrow submitted a new resource: rbx_glasshouses_b1 - A deathmatch map based on a classic Roblox game "Glass Houses" Read more about this resource...
  3. gokrow

    rbx_glasshouses b2

    rbx_glasshouses_b2 A deathmatch map made by gokrow Special thanks to: SentientTurtle for making the RBXLX2VMF converter program! TehSoldierPig for the Old Roblox/Low Poly Model Pack Members of the LazyPurple's Silly Server Discord for helping with testing and troubleshooting
  4. d3adfin

    Acrophobopolis Pro a2

    pro version of the official map acrophobopolis made for 2v2
  5. Green-One

    dm_gravelpit 2022-09-15

    Long after the Gravel War has ended the Gravelpit has remained still in time, but as of late it has been re-invaded to host new battles. This is an update of one of my older ports and should be future proof (hopefully), it's updated for revision 10.
  6. AlphaBlaster

    Checkmate (Merc Dom) dev2

    MDOM version of my other recent map, which was made for my pitch for an MVIP mode. Not much else to say about it. Four capture points, like TF2C's Dom Hydro, all labelled.
  7. Digga | Foo Fort

    Grid Tower 1

    dm_grid_tower is a map where 2 teams will fight off in a never ending battle between two sides, the red grid, and the blue grid, all while in the middle stands the ultimate intimidating gridtower this map took 8 hours to make, 3 of those hours were exhuastion and pain, i am pretty sure i will...
  8. AlphaBlaster

    Reservoir (Merc CTF) dev

    This is a Merc CTF version of MDOM Reservoir. Not much else to say about it. Music: Nuclear Sticky Trap by Thoopje
  9. AlphaBlaster

    Reservoir (Domination) dev

    This is a symmetrical "Mercenary Domination" map, meaning owning capture points increases your team's score per second, all while combining this control point gameplay with that of Team Deathmatch, restricting you to Mercenary and having to procure your own weapons. Victory is earned for your...
  10. AlphaBlaster

    Mercenary Domination Mode Logic Test a1

    Open Fortress has an unused and unfinished Domination gamemode; This map is a demonstration and test of the mode when combined with Team Deathmatch gameplay. Because the control point HUD does not as of yet work with Domination mode, this map uses nine game_text and nine timer entities to...
  11. AlphaBlaster

    Chemical Warfare Facility (Goldeneye 007) a2

    A faithful recreation of the famous Facility multiplayer level from Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64, with only minor adjustments, such as an additional small pathway in the back area by the stairs, and the addition of two slipgates, one in the "exit" area of the map, and the other in a sort of...
  12. AlphaBlaster

    E1M1 Hangar a2

    (Please note this map will be officialized in Open Fortress's next update, with an artpass by Lena, I am uploading this in the meantime for anyone who wants to host it in its dev-texture state) Stranded in a space station on the Martian moon of Phobos and knee-deep in the dead, might will make...
  13. Ismaciodismorphus

    Fiaca a1

    A recreation of the map of the same name from Serious Sam 3: BFE's deathmatch gamemode. Weapon Roster x1 Gatling Gun x1 Grenade Launcher x1 Nailgun Everyone gets a free shotgun and lead pipe
  14. TheWither031

    Arid a5

    my attempt at open fortress deathmatch gameplay! feedback is appreciated screenshots taken at version a3 - Open Fortress Download - - Custom Assets - sky_fever_01 - Aeon "Void" Bollig Generic Industrial Sign Pack 3 - Urban
  15. Jameson

    Brutality 72h a2

    Made for the 2022 TF2 maps Summer Jam Open Fortress Deathmatch map Wip Name Hey! what if dm_skate and dm_thames was the same map? Credits: Frontline Pack London pack dm_Skate assets and graffiti AlexCookie's - Sunny Skybox
  16. Will Alfred

    dm_willalfred a1

    72hr jam submission, not elaborating further.
  17. AlphaBlaster

    Logistic a2

    A very simple, Quake Live-esque Duel layout with two floors set in a "construction site" with a megahealth, a crit powerup and a couple good weapons. Designed for low player count servers or one-on-one duels. The crit powerup is automatically substituted for a Duel Shield powerup when Duel mode...
  18. d3adfin

    Mann Corp. a5

    manncorp is a duel map inspired by maps like cpm1, cpm3 (cpma) and furnace (reflex) this download includes both base duel and proOF versions of the map this map uses assets from yyrzy's extol pack
  19. Dasprucegoose

    Freckle a2

    I wanted to try and make a payload map that was designed for free-roaming and deathmatch. My goal is for it to be "Fun, but flawed".
  20. Aarmastah

    Landfall (Deathmatch) rc2

    ctf_landfall by Dr. Spud, ported to Deathmatch mode for Open Fortress.