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  1. MC_Labs15

    Barrel O' Booty

  2. Kibble_Bites

    pass_park (72hr) 1st

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: Features: •Teleporters on each side of the court that allow for people to stand in the balcony of the goal (cooldown of 10 seconds) •Middle jurf ramp suspended in the air. •Barbeque pit in...
  3. Matracina

    TF2 Scene

    Maden in garry's mod for 72 hours jam. All was done by myself :
  4. KizoLunarmoon

    your a scout POV 72Hr jam 1.1

    your a scout on a pub pov.
  5. zoiled_it

    Undead King Tavish 1

    Loadout for Demo was created on I then traced some portions of the model pixel-by-pixel and even improvised some sections. Not too hard to pull off but takes a while and looks nice.
  6. spidermastermind100

    Close buddies on summer vacation 2022-07-24

    Soldier and Demo discuss about latest TF2 update changes, mostly about Iron Bomber's projectile hitbox size fixed, while at beach with Pyro shark chasing Sniper bot cheater in the water. plus it's my #72HourJam this 2022's year entry :D Using Garry's Mod and started at 23rd July at midnight and...
  7. collectors spycrab

    newplayerluck 2022-07-23

    a new player getting dropped a golden frying pan while an mvm tryhard (holding a lollichop) flips them off map background: rottenburg steam profile: took about an hour to complete (15:30ish - 16:36) i didn't write down when i first started it but...
  8. kalt

    [TF2Jam] Summer Demo 2022-07-23 steamID32: STEAM_0:0:543889524 steamID64:
  9. Sallivan_GuitarHero

    Weekend Red team 2022-07-23

    The Reds decided to go to the forest and take a break from the hustle and bustle. But the Demoman began to howl at the moon again, and the Soldier decided to calm him down. And the Pyro just sits by the fire and eats
  10. E

    DeGroot Portrait 2022-07-23

    Unfortunately I do not have the time to fully do this concept justice, but I enjoyed painting this piece.
  11. HeroArt110

    They're gonna bury what's left of ya in a soup can! 2021-12-20

    I remade my old art from 2013
  12. Neavlof

    To Slay the Beast 2021-12-21

    started the jam a day late and had to rush this unfortunately,, I hope yall like! First time submitting to the jam, I hope this is correct?
  13. Blankoy

    Demoman TF2 2021-12-19

    This is a short video I whipped up in around an hour and half for the jam. Sorry it's not the most clever or polished idea wise but I've been busy, hopefully it's high quality enough to make the cut. Youtube link for those who do not wish to download it: (rightfully so) View...
  14. Yelta + 옐다

    Corrirush 1.0

    A more interesting take on duel maps. My favorite part of all TF2 maps mirrored and retextured to create a fair, challenging playground for 1v1s and small team deathmatches. I found this on my PC with only a hand full of things to fix before release, so although I don't do maps anymore, I...
  15. Yaki

    Making a Pipe Grenade with Hammer Entities V1

    WHAT'S THIS PREFAB FOR? Did you know that tf_projectile_pipe deals no damage when spawned in a map by itself? Did you also know that tf_point_weapon_mimic can shoot pipes, but when tf_point_weapon_mimic is sent the Kill input while a grenade is active, the grenade deals no damage? This prefab...
  16. vrkian

    Kings of Hearts 2020-09-07

    Here’s my entry for the 2020 72hr Jam! I went quite a ways out of my comfort zone for this, and I’m extremely happy this came out as well as it did. Huge thank you to Ardate from LazyPurple’s Discord server for helping me with shading techniques! I owe her my life. (Lastly, an obligatory plug...
  17. minarosario

    Friend Forever A4

    I love the idea of having a friendship hidden, but I love it more when that friendship gets competitive, and I can totally see demoman and soldier finding each other while jumping and bumping into each other. (Plus a Quickfix Medic) This drawing has a more cartoony style to match with the...
  18. Eshap

    The Demoman Ukagaka (Desktop Buddy) 1

    The Demoman has teleported onto your desktop! He'll talk about himself, teach you weird Scottish holidays, do chores and drink anything you give him. You can even give him a hat! Demo has over 150 unique lines of dialogue. You can toggle how often he says these or trigger him on your own via...
  19. cruster®

    Meanwhile at 2Fort in RED's Base 2020-09-06

    Hello. This is my another attempt of making something sensible in Garry's Mod. I know it isn't totally accurate, but I hope you like it.
  20. Cracky

    demomanwithbiggunthatshootsbiglight 2020-09-05

    here is demoman, shooting a very big and very powerful beam of light this beam, in reality, is far reaching and world ending what you are seeing are the final moments of the tf2-verse