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  1. MC_Labs15

    Barrel O' Booty

  2. D

    Spring Shades 1.0

    A pair of opaque sunglasses with a facial flexed scar and paintable lenses, created for the 72 Hour Jam with the assistance of the TF2 Emporium. Concept, Modeling, Textures: Uberzord Rigging: Heinous Promos: rain Workshop Link
  3. peetman

    Prickly Friend

    My first cosmetic i ever did, and for the 72h Jam. Didn't have time to put this on the workshop, as i had alot of trouble in the process. Hopefully these screenshots will do.
  4. Ye Welsh Tabby

    (CONCEPT ART) Louis XIV set for Spy 1

    I finished this within the first few hours of the jam but forgot to upload it here lol As the tag line says, this is a concept art piece for a Spy set based on Louis XIV, one of the most famous French kings. It'd be a two item set, one item being a wig with two styles (removable facial hair)...
  5. Trakmer

    {Model} Visitor From Time

    Doesnt matter where they run or when they hide but you will find them, thanks to this jacket and sweet visor doesnt matter where or when you go you will look the part. This year was quite the challenge, first time doing a jacket and managed to squeese the visor in the last hours, the rig for...
  6. Corvalho

    Sucker's Mug 1.0

    Cosmetic Beard for the sniper Features: • Original Concept • 3 LODs • Facial Animation Flex Credits: Corvalho: Model Production Muhai: Concept Art LazerSofa: Concept Assistance Myahster: Idea Mod Download:
  7. Kowalo

    Infiltrator 2022-07-24

    Heat vision mask for Spy. 72hr Jam entry Concept by Le Bruhe Model and texture by Kowalo
  8. Ninja with standards

    Fair n' Square v.1

    Misc cosmetic for Spy Paintable ______________________________________ Made for TF2 72hr Jam 2022 Modelling and compiling shenanigans- Snek Textures, images and editing - Umbrella...
  9. StovePipe

    The Safety Suggestions 2022-07-24

    A collaborative idea me and my brother ( & myself ( We came up with the idea for a climbing set for the Soldier, and thought this could work as a proof of concept! So far though, it'll need a little more...
  10. osamh556

    General's Headpiece 2022-07-24

    Credits to Ptz for making the hat paintable. This my Entry for the TF2 2022 Summer Jam.
  11. Diva Dan

    Happy Sappy (Cosmetic Item) 2022-07-24

    Created for the 2022 72 Hour Jam! Concept by Square, before the jam.

    Mercs Glasses 2021-12-20

    All class and paintable and jiggleboned.
  13. CRD716

    Mission Mercenary 2020-09-07

    My first attempt at a cosmetic item, and oh boy did it go wrong. I had to use that horrible thumbnail because the actual program you're supposed to use broke a long time ago, and the ones that worked were awful. I think over the jam I've added quite a few GBs to my SSD. Yes, it's so low poly...

    Hot Pipe 2020-09-07

    head cosmetic item for Pyro
  15. Extra Ram

    The One-Man

    A fun mechanical head item for the Engineer, inspired by everyone's favorite Autobot leader from the Transformers franchise; Optimus Prime! Modelling, Texturing, Rigging & All the other real important work: JZeeb Concept & SFM Promowork by ExtraRam Additional Promowork & TFMV renders: Bonk...
  16. SanekOgon

    Afterdeath Healer v1.1

    Set of two cosmetic items for Medic specially created for 72hrJam event! Includes: - The Sounds of Progress Hat - Afterdeath Coat Also soon available to download as mod for TF2!!!
  17. D

    Hawkeyed Blade v3

    A sword cosmetic loosely based on the Yoru from One Piece. I haven't actually made a lot of items before this one, but I'm glad I was able to do something, especially for COVID relief. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but be gentle.
  18. Awan™

    The Mercenary Headphones

    For the 72 Hour Jam 2020! Concept - Lazersofa Modelling/Texturing - Awan Thanks to Tabby for the promos!
  19. KWVance

    Where is a good source for TF2 Cosmetics assets? doesn't always work (like it will say I can't replace any items. case and point ) gaming banana is just reskins gary's mod has so many useless hexs the good ones get drowned out. Just look at the "ye olde workshoppe" project not...
  20. Awan™

    The Capture Alpha 1

    Didn't capture the right time. (It'll be finished some time in the future)