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CTF_Hexagon version 1.0 2018-07-22

A simple Capture The Flag map with 2 bases and a hexagonal central building.

CTF_Hexagon is a Capture The Flag map with a simple lag-out of a hexonal shaped building in the middle with blu's and red's base on eich side. With the central buildings all having one entrance; there are six ways to get to the center, three ways from eich side (were the bases a located). This map takes place in southern Germany and focusses much on having much vegatation. This allows players to hide and sneak up on people who walk over the paths. This encourages a more spy-like gameplay. Spy himself can relatively safely wait for the cloaking watch to charge up again. I made the ceiling of the map extra high, for jumping classes to have a good time. Jumping over the buildings is impossible though, I made invisble walls above the roofs to prevent sticky spam from the roofs.

Map Structure
In the center (as said before) are six houses which look like a hexagon from the top. In the middle is a full health pack. There are three ways to exit the middle through the houses, to get to the team base. In every house is one small or medium ammo pack. The middle is built on a small hill, which about has high as snipers campervan. Around the middle are gardens with trees and bushes to hide in, with a sniper tower which looks out over one of the three base entrances. On the base are three balconies for snipers.
The map has rotation symmetry, so the spawns are one the same side of the base. In the middle of the base is a big room with spytech and a small health and ammo pack. The spawns have two exits and are on the second floor. (If you count the lowest floor as the first floor.) 4 stairways lead to the second floor. Jumper classes can also get in through the balconies or the metal bridge in the big spytech room. The intelligence is located in a safe on the second floor in the back of the building.


Design Flaws
This map is my second hammer project ever and the first I actually finished, so it comes with some flaws which I will try to prevent from occurring in future maps. These flaws are:
-There a many good sniper spots, which look out over big parts of the map. (I need to test them with people to see whether or not that is a problem)
-Engies will have a significant advantage due to the vergatation with sentries can shoot through.
-When I made the spiral staircases near the spawns, a weird error happened. Now there is a blockin the doorway which you can walk through, but which I can't remove or edit. This doesn't impact gamplay but it looks kinda strange.

I would like to get reviews from other people or play it with other people, to point out some gameplay issues and hopefully fix them.
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it could be good with some work, the mid is a neat idea but with no distinction between the buildings, it can cause confusion, also due to all the props I kept getting overflow warnings and could only get 20 frames even when playing on it by myself.