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  1. Rubber Soul

    Aerocondense A1

    This is my first working TF2 map I've created that actually works as a gamemode. As you can see, I attempted at making an aircraft map (it doesn't really look like one at the moment) and you will definitely die if you walk off it. There are walls (surprised?) to prevent pyros from...
  2. Skylark

    Longest sightlines in maps

    Calculated by finding the longest kill by a sniper in each map - this does not give a definitive longest sightline but it gives the longest sightline which has been used. Maps (which have enough data) ctf_turbine..............5'395 ctf_2fort 4'017 cp_dustbowl 4'603...
  3. Gothic Organist

    CTF_Hexagon version 1.0 2018-07-22

    CTF_Hexagon is a Capture The Flag map with a simple lag-out of a hexonal shaped building in the middle with blu's and red's base on eich side. With the central buildings all having one entrance; there are six ways to get to the center, three ways from eich side (were the bases a located). This...