Eclectic Bricks Pack 1.2

Various hand-made brick textures for cleaner well maintained looking buildings

  1. Commingle
    12 different brick textures for buildings with a more well maintained look than standard TF2 brick textures. The come in 4 base colours (rusty red, light orange, brown and cream white) and each has multiple variations of stripes. Every texture includes fitting normal map (what gives an illusion of depth) and is seamless on both x and y axis. These are originally made for my payload map pl_eclectic.The textures have been remade multiple times to better suit TF2's unique artstyle.
    Textures can be used freely in maps, but credit would be appriciated as I made these myself.

    Different brick textures used in a street
    Brown bricks on shaded side of a building
    Brick vaults in the cathedral in pl_eclectic
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Recent Reviews

  1. xCape
    Version: 1.2
    Excellent textures for use in urban areas in europe!
  2. Heili
    Version: 1.1
    Urban TF2 environments have to get a bit creative since most of the game's art direction is rural. I've done urban maps in the past and one lacking feature would be a variety of clean and enthusiastic textures to use. Eclectic bricks being made from the ground up for a city environment makes me excited to use them. Before I could be wishy-washy using a texture I didn't really want to, but had no closer option.

    The best part of Eclectic bricks for me would be the high quality variety, they're not just hue-shifts which becomes very obvious on a larger scale, but stand out boldly as their own. Sometimes I'm fooled thinking it's a stock TF2 texture while working, and I compare two brick textures, and I'm impressed twice.

    The bumpmaps can look great in the light, and not so much in low light shade which looks super glossy in my experience (though it is technically correct). Seeing them in my latest map, I am proud to be using them and Commingle deserves a lot more praise for them.