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ctf_charon b3

Ghostly Neutral CTF!

  1. b3


    - removed HHH
    there's now another chance for the hell portal to appear instead.
    - the flag (ghost) now only scares the courier
    - fixed flag return time resetting to default, is now 15s (was defaulting to 30)
    didn't notice until now that it was taking way longer than 15s to return. turns out (in special delivery mode?) you have to set it OnDrop. cool. good. thanks.
    - added text explaining the objective of the map on round start
    - leaf optimisation attempt
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  2. b2


    - more clearly indicated that machine base is clipped off
    - added music cues for ghost appear and return
    - put HUD materials in the map somewhere to ensure they pack
    - fixed RED wood materials in BLU side of computer area
    - fixed visible nodraw under spawn stairs
    - fixed thunder and animal noises in computer area soundscape
    was using a merc park one. duplicated it and deleted all the non-computery sounds.
    - fixed broken lighting on the bottom of some doorways between...
  3. beta!


    - changed name from ctf_holyfuckaghost to ctf_charon
    - separated team hell warps
    - tweaked clipping in hell
    - fixed env_shakes not affecting airborne players
    - added unique machine sequence for round-ending capture
    had to squish the timings because you can't extend humiliation time or delay the win at all. please appreciate the hours i wasted testing possible workarounds for this that went nowhere
    - adjusted sewers
    - cleaned up the flag logic a bit
    - clipped doorframes
  4. a3


    - added signage to respawn room exits
    - (hopefully) fixed rare instance of missing HUD texture on flag pickup
    didn't have a neutral version of the ghost icon since it shouldn't ever be displayed. added one just in case.
  5. a2

    tl;dr fixed shit

    - fixed the doors
    rename tool didn't rename shit so both resupplies' doors shared entity names. fixed that.
    - fixed hell exit teleports lodging people in ceilings
    - fixed hell entry teleport hitbox
    turns out point_push with a negative force doesn't pull players off of the ground until they jump.
    - hell entry teleport now puts teams in separate positions
    players will no longer get stuck on eachother
    - fixed players getting...
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