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Ghostly Neutral CTF!

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    Fuel the machine with lost spirits! Shoot a pile of pumpkins with raw spectral energy! Fight to the death! Run through hell! Try not to wet yourself from being so knee-shakingly terrified! Boo!

    Charon is a small neutral CTF map where players must deliver the flag - a ghost! - to the machine on the other side of the map. Be careful, however - ghosts are terrifying, and will scare the courier senseless! Teamwork is required to protect your helpless spirit-ferrying teammate as they make their way toward the objective. On capture the machine activates, causing one of three pumpkin-themed events! Good gourd, how terrifying!

    Map: pont

    Edits of Valve assets: pont
    Green Dragon Steelworks poster: pont

    BLU Manor Assets: Krazy
    Extol Assets: Yrrzy
    Spytech Disc Racks, Catlamp: ASG
    Halloween Resupply Locker: DatGmann, Blaholtzen
    Dev2 Textures: Skylark
    Frontline! Assets: Badgerpig, Bapaul, Chaofanatic, Colteh, Donhonk, Hyperchaotix, Neodement, Populus, Retro, Ryan, SediSocks, Sky, Square, Vap, Void, Zobot
    Generic Industrial Sign Packs: Urban
    Danger Warning Sign Pack: Ravidge
    If I've missed any credits, let me know!


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