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  1. Le Codex

    Phobia Manor A1c

    Map made for April Fools 2023 In this gamemode, Blu Team is a group of hunters stuck in a haunted place. Red Team are the ghosts haunting that place. Blu Team wins if they manage to survive until time runs out. Red team wins if they kill all of Blu Team (who only have one life). Ghosts start...
  2. MegapiemanPHD

    Disturbia a1a

    Lumberyard Event style arena but in the suburbs Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Pickup Truck, Station Wagon, Hearse, Trailer - FGD5 London Windows and Doors - Bakscratch Hedge - Zoey, Square Graveyard Assets - Diva Dan
  3. BadassCook

    Bonecrusher Event b3

    (Remake of the 3cp Bonecrusher)
  4. Penguin

    spookleus rc3

    a dread presence descends upon arena_nucleus... whipped up in just under 48hrs, arena_spookleus features all that good nucleus gameplay you know and love, with a suitably festive coat of paint! featuring: 3 whole spellbooks in terrifyingly dangerous locations! numerous jack-o-lanterns at...
  5. pont

    ctf_charon b3

    Fuel the machine with lost spirits! Shoot a pile of pumpkins with raw spectral energy! Fight to the death! Run through hell! Try not to wet yourself from being so knee-shakingly terrified! Boo! Charon is a small neutral CTF map where players must deliver the flag - a ghost! - to the machine on...
  6. Scampi

    Ghost mode in Halloween minigame

    Greetings, again. I'm trying to use the post-round deathmatch minigame that Helltower uses in my halloween cp_steel map, and it almost works correctly. The main issue is that after death, players become invisible and their corpse and/or cosmetics hover in place where they died. What's supposed...
  7. Midlou

    Frost Moon RC4

    King of the Hill - Frost Moon