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ctf_charon b3

Ghostly Neutral CTF!

  1. b2


    - more clearly indicated that machine base is clipped off
    - added music cues for ghost appear and return
    - put HUD materials in the map somewhere to ensure they pack
    - fixed RED wood materials in BLU side of computer area
    - fixed visible nodraw under spawn stairs
    - fixed thunder and animal noises in computer area soundscape
    was using a merc park one. duplicated it and deleted all the non-computery sounds.
    - fixed broken lighting on the bottom of some doorways between computer area and spawns.
    - adjusted purple sign lights
    - slightly lowered HDR scale on the machine's env_lightglow
    - added sprite glows to battlements lightbulbs
    - added sprite glows and slight ambient lighting to sewer lightbulbs
    - fixed weird reflections in out-of-bounds areas near back spawn doors
    - fixed a weirdly spaced jackolantern in hell
    - adjusted position of the big pumpkin in hell
    - smoothed corner on stair trims out of spawns
    - clipped trim in spawns
    - fixed a cobweb casting shadows
    - unfucked textures on the undersides of stairs to battlements
    - fixed some weirdness with the light from the jackolantern on the BLU shed roof
    - (mostly) fixed the lighting seam on the ground in front of the machine
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