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CTF Quadro a1

Experimental CTF/SD

Made for the 2017 72hour jam.

Collect the intelligence in the middle building and bring it to the assigned dropoff point.

The intelligence can spawn in 3 locations in the middle building. Bring it to the assigned dropoff point, which is randomly picked from 4 locations.

The intelligence stays neutral when dropped, so be carefull! (This is mainly an experiment)

The objective is currently designated by text on screen and on the front of the intelligence building (and ins spawn), it is done this way because of time constraint and i hope to improve this later to slightly more custom VO, outlines and dynamic arrows.

IMPORTANT, this map uses point_servercommand to disable crit on cap and to increase max caps to 5.

Custom assets used:
A bunch of overlays from the Frontline! pack
Hedges from the Frontline! pack
A bunch of overlays from the Autum pack
The van and cement truck from the Facepunch vehicle pack

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