Gray Co.

Gray Co. rc1

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Gray Co. rc1

Fight to control the old Gray Co. Headquarters

Deep in the jungle on Gray Mann's island lies his old facility. Still producing robots, RED and BLU fight eachother in an attempt to shut it down.

Gray Co. is a koth map made by the 'viaduct formula'.

This is my first time actually detailing a map, and so far I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Special thanks to Heyo for creating the jungle (borneo) assets and EArkham for creating the banyan trees.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. rc1 update

    patch notes: - fixed an exploit that allowed for teleporter traps under the wooden scaffolding on RED side. - Remade the (previously) tunnel path from spawn - added some clipping on the woodwork for easier movement. - Removed 1 wooden board on...
  2. b2 update

    Made some small improvements - Now with HDR - Changed some light_env settings, so it feels more moody - Added some more foliage - Added an extra arrow sign to the garage door - Added light_glow sprites to the lightbulbs If anyone has feedback...