stranded a4

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stranded a4

Single stage attack defend map

This is my first mapping project

This map is still in alpha stage, but I couldn't help but detail the spawn rooms already.

Vague story:

BLU got stranded on a tiny island. Without anything better to do, they drank all the booze from the towns pub. Now to repay the bar owner, they have to get rid of that pesky RED base that is causing problems for the little town.

A few screenshots:
2016-02-10_00004.jpg 2016-02-10_00003.jpg 2016-02-10_00002.jpg 2016-02-10_00001.jpg 2016-02-10_00005.jpg
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. stranded updated to a4

    It's been a while and i've finally had some time to work on this map again. I have improved a lot of the layout and condensed the map, since it was too big in the previous version. Let me know if anyone has any comments on the map. Thanks.