Craggy Coast a4


  1. a4 update

    a4 update:

    • Some optimization pass made (thanks @pont !)

    BLU to A:
    • Consolidated side route exits on right building, now only has lower exit
    • Consolidated flanks leading to a highground
    • Moved the location of the actual checkpoint
    • Opened up left building beside the point

    A to B:
    • Redid path from low ground below B to right in front of red forward spawn, now has actual gameplay
  2. a3b update


    BLU to A:
    • Generally brighten up side route
    • Made a shack see through about to the right side building
    • Rotated metal sheet to remove route to sniper perch

    A to B:
    • Extended platform at behind B

    B to C:
    • Changed routing for side building at left

    C to finale:
    • Remove added point last version
    • Reworked spawn route for red

    • Some minor spawn time changes
    • something else that I forgot...
  3. a3a update

    a3a update:

    BLU to A:

    • Shorten route on the left
    • Widened route inside right building

    A to B:

    • Added door that opens after A is capped, limiting access to the left building
    • Made it so the glass opening opens as a door after A is capped to the new flank
    • Tore off roof building at B low ground

    C to finale:

    • Added an extra point that, when captured, locks the top spawn door for red's final spawn room
    • Closed off a...
  4. a3 update

    a3 update changelog:

    BLU to A:
    • Remade side routes and some of the main cart path, hopefully making it slightly less tight all around[​IMG] [​IMG]
    A to B:
    • Cut off side path connecting the left building off from A (from BLU's perspective) to the room outside of BLU forward spawn 20200301220447_1.jpg ...
  5. a2 update

    A2 Changelog:

    • blu spawns are now not broken(hopefully)

    BLU spawn to A:
    • Widened and expanded bridge so it's not as cramped
    • Removed locked door room near blu spawn for gaining access to flank, now an unlocked entrance is provided with a route under the bridge
    • Added cover to side flank

    A to B:

    • Added more cover to areas near the area around A
    • Added additional flank for blu to gain height advantage before the ramp
    • Blu first forward...