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    Craggy Coast - Craggy.

    Set on a coastal peninsula, BLU must push a payload cart bomb to blow up RED's ship before it sets sail for its maiden voyage.
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    I like this alpha detail - the trimmed rooves, and that lighthouse off in the distance... 's cool.
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    A2 Changelog:

    • blu spawns are now not broken(hopefully)

    BLU spawn to A:
    • Widened and expanded bridge so it's not as cramped
    • Removed locked door room near blu spawn for gaining access to flank, now an unlocked entrance is provided with a route under the bridge
    • Added cover to side flank

    A to B:

    • Added more cover to areas near the area around A
    • Added additional flank for blu to gain height advantage before the ramp
    • Blu first forward spawn now has side exit, can fall into water to swim out to battlement

    B to C:

    • Removed flank that allowed blu to get behind red, replaced by a balcony that blu cannot jump off unless for explosive classes
    • Slight adjustment to cart path (moved to the left by like, 100ish hu)

    C to finale:
    • Widened and straightened side route right after C point area on the left
    • Replace indoor bridge at the top connecting C building to the uppper route near finale with a balcony drop down
    • Red now spawns where they would spawn coming out to C, except facing towards the old spawn doors for finale
    • Added full healthkit to an outdoor area previously could be used to prop jump up to finale, now prop jump is removed and it's only a dropdown for red and an exit for blu to the underground flank
    • Underground flank is now visible from cart path
    • Removed upper route flank that previously connected the side areas together, there's now an opening towards C at that path above cart path

    (and more that I might have forgotten...)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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