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Craggy Coast a4


  1. a3 update

    a3 update changelog:

    BLU to A:
    • Remade side routes and some of the main cart path, hopefully making it slightly less tight all around[​IMG] [​IMG]
    A to B:
    • Cut off side path connecting the left building off from A (from BLU's perspective) to the room outside of BLU forward spawn 20200301220447_1.jpg 20200301220437_1.jpg
    • Removed a ledge drop off for BLU in the building above
    • Reworked B low ground and area around red second forward spawn to hopefully encourage usage 20200301221221_1.jpg 20200301221821_1.jpg
    • Closed off routes to the right of cart path beyond B and moved underground opening under point 20200301221950_1.jpg 20200301221940_1.jpg 20200301221929_1.jpg
    • Added new flank that opens to BLU once A is capped 20200301222351_1.jpg
    B to C:
    • Cut off some routes and opened a new one 20200301223016_1.jpg 20200301223045_1.jpg 20200301223355_1.jpg
    • Added additional forward spawn for RED that is different from the final spawn (opens up when C is capped to provide an additional route for BLU)
    C to Finale:
    • Remade last from scratch with new ideas 20200301194423_1.jpg 20200301194437_1.jpg 20200301195552_1.jpg 20200301195606_1.jpg 20200301201220_1.jpg
    • (maybe something that I have missed)
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