CP_tyro_station Final

I'm back.....

  1. Finally... This map is finished!!!

    Cynder loves Portal
    After 2 months of testing and work... We have now got TYRO STATION !


    * This map is now usable in CS:S, TF2, GMOD
    * Minor Layout and texture changes
    * New rooms added
    * Nav file edited and put in the zip file.
    * The admin room has it's own armoury
    *Admin control console has more features!!

    Garrys mod and CS:S ONLY

    *Security forcefeilds will strip you all of your weapons (Admin can switch this on/off in the admin room)
    *3 more camera controls added.
  2. urgent update

    Cynder loves Portal
    For the music room, name a wav file "music.wav" then put it in /sounds/tyro_station/music

    fixes in the update:
    *the untested logic elements
    *new control points to find and capture.
    *music room Logic fixed (example music file included in zip)

    The control point locations are:
    1. Applebucks (default:Red)
    2. Train Station
    3. Security office portal
    4. Luna's Room
    5. Celestia's Corridor (Beware of random crusher activation)...
  3. fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    This update fixes a few logic errors and adds a new area to explore.

    For the music room, name a wav file "music.wav" then put it in /sounds/tyro_station/


    There a now 3 control points instead of one.
    *Applebucks (1st)
    *the train Station (Power required) (2nd)
    *Room through the mirror at the Security Office.(last)
    (Garrys Mod)

    *There are now...
  4. update

    Cynder loves Portal
    This update:

    *new minor layout change on the platform.

    *texture changes

    *Found a glitch with the power breaker logic. when the power is turned on, the green "Push to Close" being pressed again will set the power warning klaxon off.
    So to solve this annoying glitch, the power room will electrified after 0.25 seconds after the power is restored to prevent players activating the klaxon glitch.
  5. minor

    Cynder loves Portal
    *a few brush fixes and various layout changes.
  6. enough is Enough!

    Cynder loves Portal
    I've given up on the logic_compare and put it back as it was.

    Anyway, this version has a few new things and a few tweaks here and there.

    Signal reset has a minor bug. I'm fixing that now.
  7. experimental

    Cynder loves Portal
  8. fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    This update fixes a few bugs and adds something new.

    Cynder loves Portal
    New room and a few fixes.
  10. Big update!

    Cynder loves Portal

    *A loads of fixed logic problems
    *Easter eggs work perfectly (can you find them all?)
    *Traps near Security office work perfectly. (controls in the security office..)
    *changed access to spawn rooms and added a resupply area in the station building for both teams.