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  1. storm

    My soldier 2022-07-23

    good work
  2. wadmodder1999

    The mysteries & theories of CP_Cloak, the weird TF2 test map that Valve & nobody talks about.

    We are all more or less familiar with the weird test map included with Team Fortress 2 since the SteamPipe update of May 2013. That map of course is CP_Cloak, a map criticized by player for it's poor design, undetailed geometry & brushes, bad lighting, the crappy skybox with those weird boxes &...
  3. dasmxd_

    Mayan - Aztec Assets

    Hello everyone! Does anyone still have the 'TF2 Mayan' assets? The original downloadlink here is down and maps, including the files are not able to properly decompile with embedded files. I need the models and materials to recompile or create maps in HDR for SFM...
  4. Sargent¥ (MCT)

    Meet the Sarge 2019-08-05

    Coming up with ideas was difficult and, while I do it admit, my idea wasn't nearly as inspired as some of the rest, I figured it was a good one regardless. This is my Soldier doing the same rant Soldier says in Meet the Soldier. Steam profile link:
  5. Muenster Monster

    An sfm short! 2019-08-04

    A 15 second Source Filmmaker short, featuring a RED Engineer relaxing on a beach and a RED Scout standing on a distant rock formation...and falling off.
  6. loley

    JAWS | Pyroshark Recreation 2019-08-04

    self explanatory, it's the jaws movie poster, but with the evil, yucky, pyroshark. not exactly sure how to post this on here, but i hope this is good enough to be classified as part of the jam. started: 6:35 pm 8/3/2019 finished: 1:00 am 8/4/2019 i spent quite a while working on this, as...
  7. PrivateerMan

    (SFM Comic) Recruitment 2018-07-30

    I initially wanted to make a short video on how each merc got hired, but I ran out of time, so I decided to turn it into a wordless comic instead. Custom assets used: Fortnite Detective model SFM Beta files Some Workshop maps All of the above assets are publicly available for download and are...
  8. Juggernaut

    5 More Snipers! (Summer Jam 2018) 2018-07-28

    This is my Source FIlmmaker submission of a poster I created of the state of 2fort...All Snipers.
  9. The Bran Man

    King of Queens 2018-07-27

    Competitive's gonna be eating up a lot of my weekend so i couldn't do something as intricate as last year based on those old timey boxing photos
  10. uberchain

    Conquistador Fried Giblet Tramp 2017-08-07

    Ever wanted to experience the carnal pleasures of both chicken and copulation at the same time? Come on down to Conquistador's Fried Giblets, where we serve the best parts of a well-stuffed hen (well, all the parts of it), deep fry that sucker, and serve it up in a bucket or two. Who's the...
  11. Lawdee

    Busted! 1.01

    Figured I'd take part this time! I used Source Filmmaker and Photoshop for some post processing. Thanks to my friends on discord for advice on composition/posing and post processing!
  12. S

    RED Car 2017-08-07

  13. Mr. Light

    A Moment of Respite 2017-08-05

    "A chance to steel oneself against the coming horrors."
  14. ✨Majora✨

    BLU Bots 2017-08-05

    I tried to use this as an opportunity to experiment with stuff like the golden ratio, I failed miserably.
  15. AwesomeScout101

    [SFM] "A small party" 2017-08-05

    This was a small poster with a couple of the mercs having a party.
  16. Golden Mann.

    Flare Face 2017-08-05

    I hope you enjoy :D I felt really bad so I couldn't make that good of an SFM.
  17. pivotman319

    Driving in the Australian Outback 2017-08-05

    Made in Source Filmmaker. Assets used: SFM assets by Valve Swanky outback road [SFM] by Zatemedek
  18. NewClarion

    Frontiers of War [Poster] Fixes-1

    Community stuff used
  19. Cynder loves Portal

    CP_tyro_station Final

    Map can be used with: * TF2 *Garry's Mod Tyro station has new look and layout! To activate the control point you must reset the breakers using the procedure detailed below. How to reset the breakers: 1. shoot or use the metal lever 4 times. 2. shoot or use the green button marked "PUSH TO...
  20. uberchain

    72hr Pâtisserie en Pointé (TF2-Themed Cakes) 2017-02-13

    In collaboration with KichiART and Logan McCloud, Source Filmmaker and digital artwork make sweet, sweet love to each other within 72 hours (and 2 days before everyone's favourite Hallmark Holiday, Valentine's Day) to create some cakes based off our favourite 9 mercenaries. The combined time was...