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CP_tyro_station Final

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  1. Cynder loves Portal
    Map can be used with:

    * TF2
    *Garry's Mod

    Tyro station has new look and layout!
    To activate the control point you must reset the breakers using the procedure detailed below.

    How to reset the breakers:

    1. shoot or use the metal lever 4 times.
    2. shoot or use the green button marked "PUSH TO CLOSE".
    You will hear a klaxon while you reset the breakers.
    3. shoot or use the green buttons on the left side of the breaker box.

    If all done correctly the siren will turn off and you will hear an announcement that says "Main power nominal"

    Credits of textures used:
    Forcefeilds by 200- https://tf2maps.net/downloads/seamless-hexagon-force-field-textures.2947/

    If I've missed anypony please PM me and I will add you to the credit list.

    Screenshots from A1.3
    tyro_station_remake_a10001.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10002.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10003.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10004.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10005.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10006.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10007.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10008.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10009.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10010.jpg tyro_station_remake_a10011.jpg

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