garry's mod

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  1. cruster®

    Russian Bear VS American Boot 1.0

    Payload race... kinda. Hope that you like it. :) Posted on my deleted account before the deadline. Just a reupload. Welp not much here, because completely forgot about the Jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. D

    Russian Bear VS American Boot 1.0

    Payload race... kinda. Hope that you like it :)
  3. Julian core

    Battle engineer(art) latest version

    Map: badwater
  4. Julian core

    Critical situation (art) latest version

    I made this art for about 2 hours, I hope it deserves a medal)
  5. X̸̽͋J̶͂͊5̷͂̌8̷̛̌

    i tried to recreate meet the spy(im bad at gmod) 1.0

    the moment when he says abot blu’s defence and red spy
  6. cruster®

    Meanwhile at 2Fort in RED's Base 2020-09-06

    Hello. This is my another attempt of making something sensible in Garry's Mod. I know it isn't totally accurate, but I hope you like it.
  7. HeroWolfMod

    Friendly Fire Logic 2019-08-05

    Engineer saves Soldier from a enemy Spy by applying our beloved game's logic with collisions.
  8. no succ

    [Gmod] Double Trouble 2019-08-04

    Made in Garry's Mod, CS5
  9. ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II

    The Team 2019-08-03

    For the 72hour jam, made in Gmod!
  10. BlaBla

    Greeting From a Far Land 2018-07-30

    A little scenebuild made for the 72hr jam Made within 6 hrs Using Garry's mod and photoshop
  11. no succ

    Final Bombard 2018-07-29

    Every 72hr jam inspires me to improve the quality of my "artworks", had lots of fun making it Credits: TF2 Better Pickups: TF2 Enhanced pistol: Enhanced Toolbox...
  12. cruster®

    Demoman's Nightmare 2018-07-29

    This construction is made by me in Garry's Mod. It is my vision of Demoman's nightmare. Every prop were used from Garry's Mod database. I hope that you like it ;)
  13. HeroWolfMod

    Reliable Excavation Demolition 2018-07-28

    Here's the main members, in my opinion, that make RED what it is! But if they are a demolition team, why do they defend? Simple: At the very last point of every A/D map they have something huge and extremely volatile ready to launch to somewhere in the world. We can safely say that BLU just...
  14. Mystic Monkey

    Animated prop breaks map

    Experimenting with props I found on GMod. Whats cool is that it comes with animations that when gmad.exe and imported into the right folders I can have the model as prop_dynamic with animations. The compiler has no problem that can't detect, but whenever the map begins to run...
  15. vocey

    Dead Fortress 2017-08-06

    Our first Jam entry, this poster was made in Gmod by me "vocey" from posing, details and arrangement. while post editing from lights, hud and other enhancements were made in Photoshop by "Sangan".
  16. Pannox

    You Haven't Seen Anything. Download?

    Nothing unusual here. Move along.
  17. TommyGun

    Spes Alien 2017-08-05

    My entry for the 72hr TF2 Jam! What started out as a simple idea of just a soldier flying in space, ended up into this thing right here, entirely done in Gmod. I was gonna manually add-in shadows, but they turned out even worse than the in-game ones. But, you can check this imgur album of this...
  18. no succ

    Civil-Protection Pyro 2017-08-05

    Pick up that sandwich. Credits to: MidnightChord for making this wonderful addon that adds Metropolice's mask to Gmod First time tried photoshop, smoothing all of these sharp and ugly corners took me a...
  19. Cynder loves Portal

    CP_tyro_station Final

    Map can be used with: * TF2 *Garry's Mod Tyro station has new look and layout! To activate the control point you must reset the breakers using the procedure detailed below. How to reset the breakers: 1. shoot or use the metal lever 4 times. 2. shoot or use the green button marked "PUSH TO...
  20. Tyraka628

    Overlay I need some maps made, and I'm ready to pay money for it.

    I joined this website with the intention of finding someone who could either port maps from certain games into source, or create custom TF2 versions of these maps for me to use in Garry's Mod projects. The maps I want/need to be ported/created are: Autumn Plains, from Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage...