CP_STATION Early Access

A hardcore space romp made for the 72 hr jam!

    A 4 CP map in which you fight on a nearly abandoned space station. ON THE MOON. Good thing it's the one that belongs to earth, otherwise you would be dead. I mean god forbid you end up one of mars or jupiters moons and you'd just boil in your rompers!

    Features outdoor/indoor gravity. Lots of airlock doors (sounds to come soon) and a poorly made custom space skybox that I'll eventually fix. I also have made blu and neutral base colors from the red texture from rd_asteroid and I have those in the bsp as well, so those with gcfscape you can fo shizzle use that shet if you want.

    Made for the TF2 Maps Summer 2017 72hr Jam. I'll keep updating this as well, as I didn't get around to add a ton of model detailing and other furnishings to make the place more cozy. It's very playable at the moment though, so feel free to let me know what you think!


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Recent Reviews

  1. strafe
    Version: Early Access
    I love all the brush geometry. The whole map has a Quake/Duke Nukem/Half Life vibe. The different gravity between the inside/outside is cool.
    Sniper might be OP on this map with all the sightlines, but it looks like a lot of fun regardless!
    Great job!
  2. Velvott
    Version: Early Access
    I have only two words to describe this map: Valve Quality