72 hr jam

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  1. zandergb

    Lego Payload Cart 2019-08-05

    A Lego payload cart for the 72 hr jam, along with a checkpoint. Made in Lego Digital Designer. The bomb can be taken off the cart, and the dome of the bomb can be removed to reveal an alternate checkpoint piece for when you capture it. As far as I can tell that dome piece doesn't actually come...
  2. halfpint

    TF2 Quiz 1

    INSTALLATION+USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Install 'tf2quiz.zip' Extract the 'tf2 quiz' folder inside 'tf2quiz.zip' Go inside the 'tf2 quiz' folder and double click on 'tfquiz.html'. It should open up in your browser. If it doesn't, right click on it, hover over 'Open with' and choose your preferred web...
  3. zythe_

    times_cubic_72hr a7

    Special Thanks to FGD5 for making the custom cap point model NOTE: Filenames will from now on no longer include "72hr" because these versions are no longer made within the 72hr period. This is a remake of an old map of mine named koth_times_cubic made for the 2019 72hr jam! { Steam }
  4. [NGPU] Revetron

    "Meet the Engineer" in Kriol (Australian Creole) A1

    Not much to say here. Just read the text and enjoy: perfect for role-playing!
  5. Dactir / #PrayForKyoani

    Pyro fan art 2019-08-03

    I drew pyro for 3.5 hours. Enjoy watching. I have all work steps, if it necessary. Plus, I reduced the drawing size, it was 5000x6500. P. S. Sorry for the download icon. This is the maximum that I can do.
  6. Resit

    72 HR JAM! 2019-08-02

    72 HR JAM.
  7. Kaymon95

    Slasher Sniper 2018-07-29

    A poster of Sniper going on a kukri killing-spree! SFM made for the 72 Hour Jam
  8. overlord_shade

    TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Entry 2018-07-28

    Was made in a couple hours, if necessary, I can provide the original .psd file locked and used by myself if anyone ever needs proof of me making it myself, as the color corrections used were created by me. This was a group effort and all rightful credit towards friends of the group GwNN have...
  9. Ixy

    Mercs Crossing the Delaware 2017-08-07

    SFM/PhotoShop collab between myself and Duckdog (AKA Leeman). He did all the SFMing and I did all the PhotoShoppery. This was kinda last minute, so it's not as finished as I would like, but hopefully good enough for the jam! Original painting is Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel...

    CP_STATION Early Access

    A 4 CP map in which you fight on a nearly abandoned space station. ON THE MOON. Good thing it's the one that belongs to earth, otherwise you would be dead. I mean god forbid you end up one of mars or jupiters moons and you'd just boil in your rompers! Features outdoor/indoor gravity. Lots of...
  11. Kaymon95

    Sniper's Treasure Hunt 2017-08-06

    SFM poster created for the TF2Maps Summer 2017 72-Hour Jam
  12. hamburger crisis

    The Lime Dimension 2017-08-05

    heres a ref pic i guess