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Trade Temple of Donger v71

A trade map inside a pyramid, what lies within?

    A map I made for the Smoogz' Summit server, which has gone on a long hiatus for the moment, but I figured I would might as well release it for those of you that have never seen it. It was originally just a test jump map I made in a day or so. I developed it further for the server, into more of a trade map style for nearly two months or so straight.

    It has no objective, other to be a fun map with some stuff to do. You can run around, swim, and use airlifts for aerial combat. There's plenty to see and do really. The map itself is inside it's own pyramid, and you can freely go inside and outside as you please. You can also have a boxing match or two inside the arena. You can also explore the depths of the temple in the cavern, and you might even be able to uncover the mystery of what is resides within the tomb of meme.

    Anyway, enjoy and if you have any issues getting it going please feel free to let me know!

    If you host this map on a server, feel free to let me know in the comments! I love seeing people play on my maps!

    You can always find this map up to date first, on the steam workshop!


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