cp_oceanlab1971 a6

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Construction Zombie
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. a6 Update

    Attacker's forward spawns have been disabled. Platform near attacker's first has been changed into an attacker's route. Left side for attacker's first area has become the valley, right side has been raised up. 2nd staircase has been added to...
  2. a5 Update

    Lighting tweaks on attacker's first Defender's spawnpoints are a bit varied, they point to several exits instead of one. Attacker's first spawn now looks like the submarine it was meant to resemble. Looking into the skybox, one can see the body...
  3. a4 Update

    Attacker's left side on last gained a staircase where it was previously a dropdown. Attacker's upstairs right side lost the minipacks close to balcony. In place of it, there are medium packs further to the right side. Attacker's forward spawns...