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Multi Stage cp_ambush RC3

Take over the 6cp's to win the game!

  1. Wrong file- fixed

    - Fixed the download link pointing to wrong file.
  2. rc3

    One more update for now. RC3:

    - Improved RED first spawn visual look a bit
    - Fixed some lights not having the "beam" effect
    - Fixed 3 non-solid barrels to solid
    - Fixed more props fading too soon
    - Fixed one see-throug seeable wall
    - Miscellaneous small fixes
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  3. RC2

    On a roll now so why not, RC2:

    - Fixed crack in displacement cliffs on stage3
    - Fixed few texture errors in stage3 brushwork
    - Fixed few overlays overlapping eachothers in stage3
    - Fixed lamp not emitting correct beam effect in stag3
    - Fixed one more possible exploit in stage2 where you could get outside of the map in stage2
    - Further improvement on clipping and playability through it
    - Further optimizations to framerates in some parts of the map
    - Improved bots navigation throughout the...
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  4. RC1

    Been sick but whenever i could have, worked on this more. Thanks to
    MegapiemanPHD for giving out feedback on this. You pointed out some things i hadnt noticed or considered.


    - Closed a route from side to A stair house in stage3
    - Made new route from planks to A, next to cliffside at the closed door in stage3
    - Fixed clipping issues near last cp, players being able to stand up high at the...
  5. beta 3

    - Changed location of doorway near A area on stage3 by 90 degrees, now players can navigate better
    - Added more visual details in some parts of all stages
    - Moved one of the RED resupply closets closer from the side in stage3
    - Fixed tunnel trims from not being visually great and supporting
    - Fixed odd shadows from some props in stage1, stage3
    - Fixed crack in displacement in stage1
    - Fixed more props fading too soon in all stages
    - Added bomb explosion in the mine to the last CP, with...
  6. Beta 2

    - Increased respawn times slightly for both teams in stage1 and stage2
    - Added one-way door to the end of the stage1 right side tunnel area (seen from blu base)
    - Fixed crack in displacement in stage3
    - Fixed possible out of map exploit in stage3 (thanks Boonie!)
    - Fixed tree stump not having any collision (thanks cringe!)
    - Fixed being able to go through water surface and build underwater in stage2 (thanks BUTA & Moonly Days!)
    - Fixed few texture errors (stage3)
    - Fixed stairs near first...
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