CP cp_ambush rc3

Take over the 6cp's to win the game!

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    cp_ambush - Take over the 6cp's to win the game!

    This has been over a year long project for me to build this on and off on my free time.

    Welcome to 3-stage map cp_ambush. Each stage has 2 CP's that you need to capture in order to advance. After capturing all 6, you win the game. As RED, naturally you have to stop BLU from capturing!

    Still wip, but good enough to test on. Check it out at TF2 workshop on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2007331583

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    Positive Ratings:
    - Increased respawn times slightly for both teams in stage1 and stage2
    - Added one-way door to the end of the stage1 right side tunnel area (seen from blu base)
    - Fixed crack in displacement in stage3
    - Fixed possible out of map exploit in stage3 (thanks Boonie!)
    - Fixed tree stump not having any collision (thanks cringe!)
    - Fixed being able to go through water surface and build underwater in stage2 (thanks BUTA & Moonly Days!)
    - Fixed few texture errors (stage3)
    - Fixed stairs near first blue spawn being non-solid (stage1)
    - Fixed few props fading too early (stage3)
    - Re-Aligned few misaligned textures (stage3)
    - Improved lighting in stage3 "basement"
    - Removed staircase from stage3 so that red cannot ambush blu so easily before last area
    - Added soundscape to the welcoming camera point (stage1)
    - Added some more details all over the map (encore on stage 1, 2 and 3.)
    - Several miscellaneous fixes (fanfair)

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  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    Positive Ratings:

    -displacements in the tunnels with these supports leave a lot to be desired. I feel like the supports should be right on the cave wall instead of having these gaps
    -window could use a frame to look better
    -can see the nodraw brush under this water
    -elevator could use higher cubemap reflections
    -joe's locker doesn't make sense here. There's no rockets or anything involving him and really doesn't fit the map
    -could use higher cubemap reflections
    -I feel like the staircase here should just fill the whole space. The area on the left still acts as a ramp for stairs so I don't really see why it's there
    -you use a lot of these barrel clusters throughout the map and many in places which don't make sense for them to be. In order for these to be there a forklift would have had to put it there, but this spot an many others only have stair access and just don't have the space for that. You can do something more interesting instead of these barrels.
    -remember to vary the textures on stairs so it doesn't repeat as often
    -mannhattan fireworks doesn't make sense with the rest of the map theming
    -I feel like there's a better texture to use for displacement side walls that blends better with the ground
    -overlay's messed up here
    -would be neat if the clouds moved like on 2fort
    -these stairs are very awkward. There's hardly any space between the walls and them and they make an odd triangle behind them which is annoying to get out of
    -why is the lighting so yellow here?
    -clip it smooth
    -detail sprites go through the floor here, happens a good bit throughout the map too.
    -trigger_hurt brush in the pit uses force to push players back up out of it when they die. This usually can lead to crashing so you may want to change it
    -clip it smooth
    -this door is kinda awkwardly shoved in there
    -I feel like the change of textures here doesn't look quite right. Maybe have the red metal just be wood or include a trim on the top instead of it just being on the side
    -floating pully thing
    -this exit from blu spawn onto this roof is neat but it makes me feel like I can jump onto the other roof, even though I can't. Needs a better explanation as to why I can't with how close they are besides "you just can't"
    -clip it smooth and fixt the weird textures
    -I can't figure out what this place is supposed to be. Is it a mine or a lumber mill? It's got signs and props that fit both throughout it. I feel like it should gradually go from one to the other. Start with lumber mill signs and the lumber wood piles but gradually phase those out instead of using them and mining stuff from start to finish
    -why is this minecart bumper prop in a wide open play space if it's not going to have collision on it? just remove it I say
    -really like the look of this spot
    -fence prop inside the wall here is full black
    -more lumber piles. You really seem to like these and I feel there's better and more interesting alternatives then just stacking them all over the place.

    That's all for now. Layout seems interesting and I hope to see it in a test soon so I can play it. Looking forward to how this map develops.

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  4. FloofCollie

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    This looks really pretty. I'd love to play it!
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  5. ics

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    Positive Ratings:
    - Changed location of doorway near A area on stage3 by 90 degrees, now players can navigate better
    - Added more visual details in some parts of all stages
    - Moved one of the RED resupply closets closer from the side in stage3
    - Fixed tunnel trims from not being visually great and supporting
    - Fixed odd shadows from some props in stage1, stage3
    - Fixed crack in displacement in stage1
    - Fixed more props fading too soon in all stages
    - Added bomb explosion in the mine to the last CP, with visual effects upon last capture
    - Improved clipping all over the three stages
    - Miscellaneous fixes and tunings all over all stages

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    Positive Ratings:
    Been sick but whenever i could have, worked on this more. Thanks to
    MegapiemanPHD for giving out feedback on this. You pointed out some things i hadnt noticed or considered.


    - Closed a route from side to A stair house in stage3
    - Made new route from planks to A, next to cliffside at the closed door in stage3
    - Fixed clipping issues near last cp, players being able to stand up high at the windows
    - Fixed problem where players were able to throw flying guillotine through the same windows
    - Improved clipping all over the three stages
    - Added some more lighting to each spawnroom and A-B area in stage3
    - Improved lighting on some other areas of the map
    - Added loading screen images into the map
    - Fixed grass coming through the wall in stage1
    - Fixed a possible exploit where you could have build through a corner outside of a map in stage1
    - Fixed hovering doors in stage2
    - Fixed hovering rocks in stage3
    - Fixed hovering sign in stage3
    - Fixed stairs in stage2 and stage1 from being shoot troughable even when supposed not to
    - Fixed chimney model coming through ceiling in stage3
    - Fixed some props being totally black to normal
    - Continued detail pass in stage1, stage2 and stage3. Nearly there!
    - Lots of other fine tunings and changes that i cannot remember to list here!

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    On a roll now so why not, RC2:

    - Fixed crack in displacement cliffs on stage3
    - Fixed few texture errors in stage3 brushwork
    - Fixed few overlays overlapping eachothers in stage3
    - Fixed lamp not emitting correct beam effect in stag3
    - Fixed one more possible exploit in stage2 where you could get outside of the map in stage2
    - Further improvement on clipping and playability through it
    - Further optimizations to framerates in some parts of the map
    - Improved bots navigation throughout the map
    - Nodrawed some remaining brush faces
    - Continued detail pass, about done now

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    Positive Ratings:
    One more update for now. RC3:

    - Improved RED first spawn visual look a bit
    - Fixed some lights not having the "beam" effect
    - Fixed 3 non-solid barrels to solid
    - Fixed more props fading too soon
    - Fixed one see-throug seeable wall
    - Miscellaneous small fixes

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