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Been a while since I've been able to update this via the forum but anyway here's a changelog for this version.


  • Moved the arrow which points to A

  • Moved a resupply locker in blu spawn

  • Added a transition building from blu spawn to A cap

  • Added some ammo to A and B

  • Fixed some clipping issues

  • Added some signs

  • Slightly adjusted some cover to remove a sightline

  • Added a platform on the gun tower on last to allow engies a place to build

  • Lighting issues fixed
Here I am again!

Fixed an issue at blu spawn where blu could skim around the edge of the deathpit

Adding windows to blu spawn

Removed a sightline from A's transition building to B point

Added some height to B point for the defenders

Moved some blu supply lockers

More cover on B point for defenders

More signs

Spawntime and captime adjustments

Added a no entry sign to Blu's forward spawn
Changed cap times a little bit

Changed a large health pack to a medium

Fixed clipping issues

Fixed some lighting

Removed collisions on lights

Airlocks has clips above them so you can't sit on them

Changed some ammo and health

Added a medium health patch to A (Next to a death pit just for LadyRaee)

Added more cover for both sides on last

Changed some spawn times so blue and red can push and defend better

Moved all the light collision models

Fixed some issues with doors not opening and signs not dissapearing
Fixed an issue with spawns