Coyote A19

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I received a lot of feedback that B is difficult to hold because the flank around the choke formed by the A checkpoint building, is too easily bypassed by going through the door that opens with A, which gives attackers height behind where Red is holding. The original intent to make a point with the same dynamic as Badwater's Second Point, where the roof is Red's main hold location and the area before it is Blu's "lobby" to attack it from. The design of the map didn't support this however, so I must adapt.
- Added a shutter to the upper entrance to the flank
- Added a doorway before the stairs to put a shutter into
- Added a sign overlay to the inside of the shuttered room, to explain its purpose before players are allowed to explore for themselves.
- Extended the room the stairs are in to accommodate the new wall
- Moved the health and ammo in the flank to keep them in play before Blu has pushed to the point in the track the roof opens up

I also received feedback about the flank that goes around the platform on A was too advantageous for attackers, and was too viable to push from. The intent was to make a risky flank that puts attackers on the low ground and on the wrong side of a choke, highly trafficked by defenders because of the valuable health pack.
- Replaced the medium health pack with a small one. The pack only ended up favoring attackers, because despite not being able to retreat through the dropdown, the health was all they needed to retreat to.
- Replaced the small health pack in the flank right of Checkpoint A to compensate for the now missing medium health pack.

Continuing to make Blu's life hell, I made some changes to Checkpoint C too. Red seems to have a hard time getting their first hold of the cliff/overpass area, so Blu railroads them before their hold can be properly established. After that, the point plays pretty well.
- Moved the checkpoint to the very end of the bridge
- Added a third rollback zone to the last slope before the bridge
- Raised a retaining wall to block a sightline between the cliff and the left door out of Blu's third spawn

Clipped off some sneaky spots for jumping classes.
- Added clipping over the door to the viaduct on the roof in front of B
- Added clipping to the train gates on C
- Added clipping to the sign in the gate left of Red's first spawn to prevent players riding the finale train into the building above the track from getting stuck on the hanging sign and being killed from the dropdown
- Added clipping above the retaining walls right of the main entrance to Last and rounded off the corner
- Added clipping behind the fence in the building behind B

Miscellaneous bug fixes and QoL changes
- Added a 20-second cooldown following the active train being switched to prevent an edge case where trains going opposite directions clipped through one another.
- Added a train trigger to the end of the aforementioned 20-second cooldown
- Added a resupply cabinet that was missing from Blu's second spawn
- Added a 3D skybox
- Extended the ramp onto the cliff on B to make it less steep
- Extended the ramp in Blu's second spawn to make it less steep
- Extended the trigger for the noentry shutter out of Red's first spawn that closes when B is captured
- Filled a hole in Blu's first spawn's func_respawnroom that engineers could build in
- Fixed a hole in the clipping above the right flank into Last
- Removed a barrel that was intended to allow Red players to jump over the Blue train before the flank left of Red's first train was opened up before B is captured
I missed a problem with the bells on B and C not playing properly originating from the way the B bells are disabled when C is captured. Yes, this problem warrants an entire download update.
- Added an output in the relay that changes the train from the Blue train to the Red one to set the volume of the bells on B to 0, rather than the previous method
- Replaced the output in the warning relay that plays the bells

I have added a cactus outside of Blu's third spawn as a grim reminder to always test my map with my headphones plugged in.
Misdiagnosed an issue with the trigger on the finale train last time, and in trying to fix it, created a whole new issue. Turns out it was just an issue with the path_tracks enabling and disabling the trigger properly. While it made for a funny end to an imp, letting Blu win is more important.
- Set the finale trigger to enable at the beginning of the rollback zone, instead of the middle of it
- Simplified the geometry under the finale to prevent the cart from jittering and leaving the track the way it does
- Moved the path_tracks back from the ramp to prevent the env_shake from triggering needlessly

On the first versions of Coyote, I greatly overestimated Red's ability to hold each of the points. Consequently, a lot of choices were made with the benefits of offensive players in mind, even when they didn't actually need the help.
- Moved the trigger for the train to switch from Red to Blue to the start of the rollback zone on B, instead of the middle of the curve into B
- Replaced the medium ammo pack on the platform left of the door to Checkpoint A with a full ammo pack
- Added a rollback zone to one of the earlier slopes up to Checkpoint C

General quality-of-life changes
- Added most of the floor textures
- Added props to the straight sections of cart track
- Added arrows to all the rollback zones
- Added a crate to make the skill jump to the accessible roof left of Blu's first spawn a little easier
- Added a team-colored signal before Checkpoint B that switches colors when the direction of the trains change
- Added another team-colored signal next to Checkpoint C to show when the trains turn Red again
- Added env_spark animations to the signals
- Added a BlockBullets to the computer in the room behind the catwalk on Last
- Separated the light/bell warnings on B and C from the ones on D to let them begin closer to when the train is going to appear in that area and cut down on the time you hear bells ringing
- Got started on some more of the displacements
- Clipped off some possibly exploitable spots
- Simplified some geometry around B and Last
- Changed the names of the control points to, "the Valley," "the Bridge," the Overpass," and "the Train" respectively
Added rollback zones to force Blu to commit to pushing B and C:
- Added a rollback zone to the slope up to Checkpoint C to make it easier to deny Blu the height over the cliff behind C
- Added a rollback zone to the slope up to Checkpoint B to force Blu to commit to pushing B
- Added hazard tape to mark the rollback zone up to Checkpoint C
- Added hazard tape to mark the rollback zone up to Checkpoint B
- Added hazard tape to the existing rollback zone on the finale

General bug fixes and clarity changes:
- Added miscellaneous clarity signs around Last
- Fixed an AreaPortal that was too thick for the wall it was in and rendered the void instead of the room
- Fixed a light that was stuck in a wall
- Fixed some visible NoDraw textures on the backs of some func_doors that didn't go all the way into the wall
- Fixed a roof above the first Blu spawn that one of the gates clipped through when it opened
- Changed the color of the Blue dev textures in an area some players mistook for a spawn room
- Clipped off the edge of a roof that wasn't clipped in front of C

Fixed a bug that arises on poor server hardware. Sometimes, when the train connects with the cart, the triggers on it and the cart fail to recognize they've triggered one another. In this instance, the train pushes the cart into the wall, the train stops, the cart can't roll back, and the timer runs out
- Added an output to teleport the train to the start of the track before telling it to start forward, so if something does go wrong, it eventually rights itself
- Extended the final trigger farther into the train to let it trigger even if they've clipped through one another
- Delayed the final train's StartForward by .1 seconds
I received a lot of feedback from the last playtest that players' understanding of the map hurt their ability to play it well enough to give feedback on the layout.
- Added numbered signs above the exits to Blu's first spawn
- Added a sign that closes with the capture of A to the right of the door out of the shack A is within
- Added a sign to the flank around checkpoint A
- Added a sign that appears when A is captured to direct Blu toward B
- Added a right-facing arrow behind the door behind B that opens once it's captured
- Added a capture point sign right of the big gate out of Red's lobby behind B
- Added a "Restricted area" sign above the last gate before the viaduct
- Added a NoEntry sign on a shutter above the one-way door into the lobby behind B that changes to a C sign once B is captured
- Added an arrow sign to the hoodoo the cart track wraps around on C
- Added a "Restricted Area" sign above the track on the sign that prevents players from riding boxcars between opposite ends of the map.
- Added a capture point arrow on the opposite side of that arrow to better alert players to the more direct route to B
- Added a right-facing arrow to the building behind the curve up to Checkpoint C
- Added a down-facing arrow pointing to the dropdown over the train in front of C
- Added a left-facing capture point arrow in-sight of Red's second spawn, pointing them toward the main exit.
- Added shutters to both entrances to the stairs up to the catwalk on the last checkpoint that open when Checkpoint C is captured
- Added a capture zone sign to the side of the bridge checkpoint C is on top of, to better signal to red players leaving their second spawn what they are meant to defend
- Added hazard stripes to the edge of the platform outside of Red's first spawn where first-time players may not be aware a train comes

Replaced the flat roofs with more thematically appropriate ones. This is also to help make navigating the map more intuitive and let more light into some of the formerly dark areas. The following changes are summarized for brevity.
- Added roofs in-sight of players leaving Checkpoint A to direct their attention left, toward Checkpoint B
- Added roofs in-sight of players leaving the lobby behind B through the train gate to let them know they can't stay on the train, and must pick a door to continue to roll out through.
- Added roofs over the building in front of C to direct Red players' attention as they leave D to the right, where feedback said it wasn't obvious Blu were coming from.
- Added roofs over the building in front of C to direct Blu players' attention toward Checkpoint C as they enter along the cart track.
- Added roofs over the building housing the final checkpoint to direct all players' attention toward the cart track running parallel to it.

Made a few minor gameplay changes and miscellaneous bug fixes.
- Fixed a backwards warning light I said I fixed in A6 but didn't because I'm an idiot
- Fixed a bug with the debounce on Last that set the spawn interval of all trains to 20s instead of 45s
- Added a rotating door to the building above the track on C to accommodate the new roof that doesn't hide a sliding shutter
- Added a brush to block the health pack behind C from being seen from the balcony, to force attacking players to commit and expose themselves to pick off weakened defenders
- Added nav avoid brushes to Blu's second spawn and the train gate that opens in the middle of the map to make testing with bots easier
- Replaced a security fence on Last with a wood fence
- Replaced the medium health pack in front of Red's first spawn with a small one.
- Removed a retaining wall on the balcony in front of B favoring Blu
Fixed a bug where if Blu pushes the cart onto the track but it rolls back before the train hits it, and Blu pushes it back into place before the debounce ends, a train will not trigger
- Added an OnPass trigger to the final path_track to change the train timer's refire interval from 60s to 20s
- Added an OnPass trigger to the penultimate path_track to change the train's refire interval from 20s to 60s
- Changed the final train's default refire interval from 90s to 60s

Fixed some miscellaneous clarity issues
- Rotated a warning light that was facing a wall because I'm an idiot
- Removed two NoEntry shutters from a flank that was removed
- Removed soundscapes for areas that no longer exist

Fixed some quality of life things
- Added a window to let Red see when a train is coming from their first spawn
- Added clipping around the second point
- Added some gameplay signs
- Clipped off an area of fence on A that players could stand on
- Extended Red's first spawn to the left and moved some spawns back
- Finalized more retaining walls
- Fixed some misaligned dev textures
Tuned the train on last to trigger it with the cart (up to once every 20-90 seconds, depending on how aggressive Blu is)
- Added an OnPass trigger for the finale train at the end of the cart track, with a debounce of 20s
- Increased the train spawn interval from 30s to 45s
- Increased the train spawn interval on Last from 30s to 90s
- Halved the size of the rollback zone on Last
- Removed the warning whistle from the finale train

Gave Red a slightly easier time defending on B and C by making rollouts quicker and offering more health/cover.
- Added a one-way shutter into Red's lobby behind B that opens permanently once B is captured.
- Added health and ammo to the deck over B
- Moved Checkpoint C farther down the bridge
- Raised part of the floor in Blu's first spawn to give Blu snipers a harder time shooting through the diagonal door.
- Replaced a small health pack in the big flank on Last with a medium one.
- Gave Red a little more height on C and a little more space
- Removed the two shutters into Red's lobby behind B
- Removed the NoDraw textures on the backs of the previously inaccessible shutters
- Removed part of the Blu flank into C

Fixed a few quality-of-life things.
- Added missing patches under the pickups on A
- Added a light to the elbow into the catwalk on Last.
- Added a ramp missing right of the main door into C
- Added warning lights to the room into the catwalk over Last
- Widened the door into the catwalk on Last
- Raised the Field of View of the spectator cams to 75
- Raised the spectator cam overlooking C toward Blu's main entrance
- Lowered one of the retaining walls on the left side of Blu's spawn to create a skill jump and allow low-mobility classes access to that small roof
- Extended the platform outside of Red's first spawn to make it more difficult to get stuck between it and the train if you miss a jump onto a passing flatcar
- Replaced some of the retaining walls with their final versions with beams.
- Recreated the displacements in Blu's third spawn to satiate Hammer
- Extended the finale explosion hitbox by 256hu
- Removed a retaining wall (meant to block a nonexistent sightline) in the yard behind C and extended the ramp

Added some signs to keep players from getting lost.
- Added an arrow sign to the building over the track in front of C that is hidden when B is captured
- Added arrow sign outside of Blu's second spawn that appears when B is captured
- Added arrow sign outside of Blu's third spawn that appears when C is captured
- Added clipping above the first Blu spawn, which previously let you leave the map.
- Added soundscapes.
- Added warning lights under the track on C.
- Added a BlockBullets to the viaduct on A.
- Added a connector on Last to give attackers easier access to the stairs behind the catwalk on Last.
- Added a sheet of metal to block a sightline out of the diagonal door in Blu's first spawn.
- Added a medium health and ammo to the underground flank on B.
- Added fences where level borders were less obvious.
- Added an arrow sign to the dropdown into the underground B flank that disappears when A is captured.
- Added a kill trigger to the finale.
- Extended the staircase into the lobby into the catwalk on Last to accommodate the new route into the catwalk stairs.
- Extended the doorway to the balcony over C.
- Distinguished walkable roofs from non-walkable ones on A.
- Fixed sounds not playing on the trains.
- Fixed (some of) the skybox seams visible around A.
- Fixed the train being triggered after Last was capped.
- Fixed temporary directional signs not appearing like they should.
- Fixed the one-way trigger for the noentry shutter over Red's forward spawn sticking out too far and triggering from both sides.
- Disabled the warning lights/bells after Blu wins.
- Smoothed a few displacements.
- Upscaled some of the cliff textures.
- Replaced one of the full ammo packs on Last with a medium one.
- Func_detail'd some angled geometry.
- Swapped a few dev textures for consistency.
- Moved the train gate triggers to stop the trains clipping with them as they pass.


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