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Coyote A19

Payload map built around a train

  1. Alpha 19

    Changelog summary:

    - I initially wrote off the way Red was able to hold A in one of the B2B tests, but a recent Imp showed me A is too easy to hold when Red turtles on the cliff instead of the shelf. I changed the way sightlines are blocked on the right side of the map and opened up the cliff.

    • Most of the B left flank was redesigned to keep Red out and give Red less of an advantage for pushing up super far. Removed the weird shutter thing on the roof too.
    • Blu always holds...
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  2. Alpha 18b

    Hotfix because I didn't compile LDR.

    I switched to CompilePal instead of Hammer's regular compiler to make packing assets easier, and apparently the HDR configuration in CompilePal isn't the same as the one with the exact same name in Hammer. HDR in CompilePal means just HDR. Live and learn.
  3. Alpha 18

    Coyote was finally eliminated from Back to Basics. And that's alright! I got a lot of testing on my map, you were all forced to play it for a few weeks, and I'm back with a vengeance to finish what I started. Coyote is out, but it's not down. To quickly sum up all the changes I made in the wake of my B2B tests...

    - Checkpoint A played pretty well every time Coyote was played. So I started detailing A.
    - Checkpoint B ended up choking because in order for Blu to counter Red's hold, they need...
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  4. Alpha 17

    There have been murmurings from a few players since about A13 about how the building connecting B to C is a maze. I don't think it's because they've gotten lost, I think the issue stems from the travel time between the flank the train goes through and the cart path. This, combined with how relatively easy it is for Red to push through the doors, means that most of the fighting between checkpoints B and C takes place in the least interesting part of it.

    Though it may seem to those who've...
  5. Alpha 16B

    Hotfix because I'm an idiot
    - Removed a prop it was easy to get trapped on in Red's second spawn
    - Removed a misleading overlay from a sign
    - Added a missing track prop from the cart path
  6. Alpha 16

    Chances are, A17 will be the last version of the map before judging begins! I'm really happy with how Coyote is turning out. Didn't get a ton of feedback from the last imp, but what I did get highlighted some pressing issues with the current incarnation that shouldn't be too tough to hammer out. Last didn't get tested, but time remains!

    Checkpoint A has seen almost no changes since the removal of the dropdown. To date, there have been two times Red has held it over the twelve games played...
  7. Alpha 15

    The main concern in the last test was the last control point needing to be held to by Blu long enough for the train to arrive. The proposed solution was to remove the train gimmick (MY PRIDE AND JOY) all together. The thinking being, Blu shouldn't have to hold the cart in one spot to capture the last point. This is the case, however, on acclaimed Payload maps like Upward and Millstone. Both of which slow the cart in the lead-up to the finale.

    What both of these maps also have though, is...
  8. Alpha 14

    Back to Basics is finally coming to a close, and Coyote is finally starting to come together. I don't know what I would've done without the deadline extension. It feels like each version has had one area that plays significantly worse than the rest of them, A13 being no exception.

    This version's issues arose mostly in the transition between B and C, where the map is separated into a lobby and a tunnel. That separation means one team has a hard time holding both at the same time. Blu, who...
  9. Alpha 13

    After a particularly productive imp, I think I finally understand the reasons the map flows the way it does. This time, I made the big layout-altering changes I think I'm finally ready to make.

    Because Red has so much distance between its spawn and the frontline on both A and B, both points end up punishing them too hard for a broken hold. These changes are meant to make it easier to defend A and B.
    - Moved Red's first spawn up to the room behind B, in place of the staircase at the bottom...
  10. Alpha 12

    Made some pretty drastic changes to Last to make pushing into it more difficult. The previous version prevented Red from rolling out to C due to the inconvenient train/exit placement, and gave Blu a height advantage they didn't deserve.
    - Added a platform to the corner where the cart enters Last
    - Added a 64hu platform outside of Red's spawn
    - Added a fence to the end of the catwalk
    - Added a door to the elbow to access to the new platform
    - Added a shutter that closes when C is captured to...
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