Couvade A8

Couvade is a real word!

  1. eighntes
    My first map.

    Set in sky_trainyard_01, BLU must capture the RED base while RED must capture the BLU base, which has never been done before.

    Previous descriptions described this map as "made for pubs at heart." While this is still true, I really only did that because I know this would likely never work in 6s. It's really just on the small side. Heavy to mid, anyone?

    - Lighting
    - Clean dev theme
    - Clip brushes
    - No leaks
    - Sniper, Scout, and Heavy player models pasted everywhere in Hammer but not rendered
    - Repacked
    - Pickup patches
    - Underscaled

    "great, fun to play on points" - robin walker
    "fast-paced" - ueakcrash
    "has potential" - phi
    "perfectly suited for competitive" - b4nny
    "The most fun you can have online" - PC Gamer


    1. overview.png
    2. blu2nd.png
    3. mid.png
    4. redlast.png
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  1. 14bit
    Version: A8
    This is one of the only 5cp maps that I keep going back to and thinking about how much fun I had playing it.