Mallet Map Editor

Browser-Based TF2 Mapper

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    Access it here: - Browser-based! No download!

    Inspired by the Easy TF2 Mapper by toads_tf. This browser-based map maker is great for making your own toy maps, or for a friend who doesn't know Hammer.

    Place prefab blocks into a 3D grid (which you see 2D slices of). Each block is 512x512x512 hu. The grid is 17x9x10 but can be changed easily.

    Each square can hold every prefab in it at the same time, if desired.


    Current prefabs include:
    Shutter Door
    Spawn Room
    KOTH Point
    CTF Flag
    Medium Health/Ammo

    Maps can be exported as VMF or as a JSON save file to be loaded later.

    Current features:
    Tile-based map creation
    VMF exports
    Toggleable "x-ray" view of walls on other levels (for easier sealing)
    Leak checker (only considers walls / floors / ceilings)

    Planned features:
    More gamemodes (5CP / A/D (maybe))
    Grid resizing

    Fun fact: I called it "mallet" because it's like a hammer but weaker and less precise.


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  1. CTF + some "cool" features

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