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Couvade A8

Couvade is a real word!

  1. Alpha 8

    It's something? I think I might abandon this soon
    - Attempt at simplifying geometry
    - Feeble attempt at providing strategic options
    - Insufficiently blocked sniper sightlines
    - Added a non-dev texture
    - Like a boss
  2. A7 F

    - Small cap time changes
    - Small respawn wave changes
    - Last now has more health for defendes
    - Like a boss
  3. A7 E

    You can stop now
    - No more weird 2nd roof
    - Changed up mid sightline blocking a little in anticipation of an EU test
    - Respawn time tweak
    - Like a boss
  4. A7 D

    Still dont want to make doors thinner because its off my grid, will fix for beta if this ever gets there
    And the respawn times are not long have you ever played 5cp
    - Mid caps faster
    - 2nd is now quite bigger and has more breathing room
    - Mid last connectors are a little friendlier
    - Like a boss
  5. A7 c

    Apparently spawns were actually f8ked the entire time... I am so sorry.
    - Fixed respawns again
    - Health adjustment
    - New flank between 2nd and last
    - Like a boss
  6. A7 b

    This is what A7 should have been.
    - Added sightline blocker at last which looks nice too
    - Changed up connectors again
    - Shoutout to Alpheri for one of them
    - Mid is a little different and better
    - 2nd is less Sniper dominated hopefully
    - Moved health and ammo
    - Like a boss
  7. Alpha 7

    Moved to 7 because I feel it deserves it. Hopefully.
    - Redid last
    - Fixed asymmetrical respawn times
    - Mid caps 1 second faster
    - Added more ammo around mid
  8. A6 D

    Try four of throwing shit at a wall until it sticks. Will it stick? Schtick?????? Who knows??
    - Redid 2nd AGAIN
    - Unnoticeable last changes
    - Redid all connectors, hopefully for the better
    - Like a boss
  9. A6 C

    Should be A7 but I regressed a bit so this really isn't a 7... get it??? xdxdxd
    - Undid 2nd and last changes
    - Made last longer
    - Added weird under/side route to last that will make you think "hey gullywash does something like this"
    - Added useless flank to 2nd
    - Made mid smaller
    - Hopefully there will be less sightlines coming into a couple mid doors
    - Like a boss
  10. Alpha 6

    I present to you...
    - Made last cramped and worse
    - Made second less cramped and oh so much better
    - "Completely" redid last-2nd connectors
    - Lost my sanity
    - Took new pictures
    - Like a boss
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