Corestation A6

5cp space map

  1. ToxicRave
    A long while back, I've posted about this map in the screenshot thread but never really bother making a thread for it. Well not until now that is and I also went about updating it as well. One of the major differences between this version and the last one I posted is that the map is now a 5cp rather then 3cp.


    1. cp_corestation_a6_pic_1.jpg
    2. cp_corestation_a6_pic_2.jpg
    3. cp_corestation_a6_pic_3.jpg
    4. cp_corestation_a6_pic_4.jpg
    5. cp_corestation_a6_pic_5.jpg
    6. cp_corestation_a6_pic_6.jpg
    7. cp_corestation_a6_pic_7.jpg