Corestation A6

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Corestation A6

5cp space map

A long while back, I've posted about this map in the screenshot thread but never really bother making a thread for it. Well not until now that is and I also went about updating it as well. One of the major differences between this version and the last one I posted is that the map is now a 5cp rather then 3cp.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. This map isn't dead yet

    - Got rid of the rotating door at mid (gonna be added back in another verison) - Made the cap size for 2nd point smaller - Moved the last point back a little - Added a small room between B and the last point - There are two small door ways...
  2. Not a map update, but rather a reupload

    Decided to reupload the map cause the download link seems to be down.
  3. Corestation: Another another update

    - Completely redid last and the area leading into last - The second control point area now takes place outside - Made the side route to mid much more simplistic - Relocated the forward spawns so that they are closer to their respective control...