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plummet B3

mid is like a spire

A map that I've been cooking up for the past couple of days. Though the basic layout is similar to turbine (like having the intel room to the side of spawn instead of behind it), the overall map is a lot more complex. With the double layered intel room and the spire-like mid, the map should give the player plenty of options to attack/defend the intel. Though there's still a lot that I need to do with the map both design and visually wise, I like how it turned out. Especially the fact that it took me over a year to finish an alpha with map scraps notwithstanding lol.

Enjoy and have fun.
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. Wow, that was fast!

    - More detailing work - Doorways within the intel courtyard had been moved around - Added a staircase in spawn for the rooftop in the intel area - Minor layout changes for easier navigation (e.g. jumping obstacles replaced with slopes) - Buffed...
  2. Now let's take this outside

    - The intel room now takes place outside - Removed both of the hallways leading into the intel's courtyard - Added a roof path between spawn's yard and the intel area - Added a spawn door that leads onto the roof
  3. Artpass

    - Map went through an artpass - Minor layout changes in generator room Detailing at the moment is ruff around the edges, but hopefully the kinks get iron out in future updates.