Obsession A10

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Obsession A10

I like trains (Trainyard Theme KOTH Map)

So I've been working on this koth map for maybe about 2 weeks now, and I like how it's coming about. However that's not to say that my other map corestation is done and over with, I've just wanted to try my hands on making another koth map for the longest time now.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. There was a a9, but the 7 got hungry

    - Added a one way door between the point and main lobby - Rocks in valley now block the doorway - The valley hill is now a displacement - Added another doorway from valley's lobby - Made the spawn field smaller - Adjsuted ammo/health throughout...
  2. Had this done for a while, but never really uploaded it.

    - Adjusted ammo/health throughout the map. - Adjusted the doors on the train container at mid to block sightlines. - Got rid of part of the clipping at mid bridge so player's can now get on top of the train. - Really rough detailing at the spawn...
  3. minor update

    - Extended building from the valley's hill to help with sightlines - Made the cap zone smaller - Engies are now able to build ontop of the capzone area - Cover had been adjusted around the spawn's courtyard - Added a little bit more cover on the...