CloakTypeBeat a2ab2

1 CP Cloak Type Map

  1. Pain again

    |trying yet another method to make sure the forward spawn bug is fixed
  2. Pain

    |trying a different solution to hopefully fix this bug
  3. Logic Fix

    +added a "double-check" to the capturezone, which should hopefully fix cases where the winning team gets forward spawns.
    |fixed missing soundscapes for blu and forward spawns
    (upon further testing it seems that this bug still exists even after this fix, will attempt to come up with a better solution later)
  4. Forward Spawns

    +added new mechanic, losing team now get a forwards respawn after 15 seconds
    |increased losing team respawn wave time by 2
    |fixed missing patches underneath some pickups
    |fixed a perch point
    |changed and improved soundscapes
    |fixed z-fighting doors
  5. Spawn Waves and Cover

    -removed some cover on the point to make it harder to hold
    -removed duplicated light entity

    |increased winning team's respawntimes to 10
    |reduced losing team's respawntimes to 2
    |increased cap time by 5 seconds
    |fixed z-fighting respawnroom visualizers
    |increased skybox height
    |improved clipping on the crates

    +added voicelines to when an enemy stands on the cap
  6. Slightline nerfs

    |attempted to nerf some giga sightlines