Cliffside a1

Red and Blu are fighting over a building near the edge of a cliff

  1. Captain Cactus
    Originally was going to be a payload race map, and it still might be one.
    I just wanted to quickly throw in some arena logic to see how combat would feel on it.
    Although it might continue on as an arena map if I feel like that better suits it.


    1. arena_cliffside_a10000.jpg
    2. arena_cliffside_a10001.jpg
    3. arena_cliffside_a10002.jpg
    4. arena_cliffside_a10003.jpg
    5. arena_cliffside_a10004.jpg
    6. arena_cliffside_a10005.jpg
    7. arena_cliffside_a10006.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. super pigeon
    super pigeon
    Version: a1
    its a cool map