HourHalfThing a2

Made in an hour and a half.

  1. Captain Cactus
    Challenged myself to make a map in an hour and a half to get back into mapping. Didn't have time to add indoor lights so each room has a blockbullets brush as a roof.
    Lighting is not as bad as in the screenshots, I was just too lazy to take more after fixing the lighting.


    1. ctf_hourhalfthing0001.jpg
    2. ctf_hourhalfthing0002.jpg
    3. ctf_hourhalfthing0003.jpg
    4. ctf_hourhalfthing0004.jpg
    5. ctf_hourhalfthing0005.jpg
    6. ctf_hourhalfthing0006.jpg
    7. ctf_hourhalfthing0007.jpg

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