ClearCut B13

An alpine themed competitive KoTH map.

  1. Attack > Defend

    Change log:

    Main Changes:

    -The right transition leading out of spawn has had its door changed to be taller. The sight blocker has been removed to make roll outs easier. The first ramp has been widened and has had it's clipping more unified.

    -The left transition exit into backyard has been widened to help pushes through it.

    -The porch coming out of right transition has been extended under the building in valley. A fence...​
  2. Patch

    Change log:

    -Adjusted clipping on main house.

    -Added saw to blu side.​
  3. Patch

    Change log:

    -Replaced incorrect version that had errors still present.​
  4. Balancing Frames

    Change log:

    -Closets for both teams have been decreased in size and have had their valley doors removed. It is no longer possible to get into the flank from valley. The indoor area for the closets has been changed, and props were added to make it feel less empty.

    -A new small health and ammo kit has been put under each patio on flank.

    -A new ramp has been added in valley to help scouts roll out onto roofs without going to the point.

    -The ramp on patio...​
  5. Art Pass Start

    Change log:

    -Art passing has begun and the two main buildings have been changed to their art passed versions.

    -Slight changes in clipping have been made based on this to ensure game play is the same even though the building is different.

    -The towers and sheds on mid have been changed to reflect the new color scheme for each side.

    -The point has been slightly changed cosmetically.​
  6. Lower The Roof!

    Change log:

    -The side areas on the point have been changed to include a different way to get into the flank from the left. It is now an outdoor staircase instead. This removes the roof that used to be used to spam the other roof while being entirely safe.

    -A fence next to the crane house has been adjusted because of previously mentioned changed.

    -Lights have also been adjusted.

    -Skybox was fixed to no longer allow players to sit on top of it.​
  7. Quality of Life

    Change log:

    -Removed the jump up near towers on point close to flank. The ground is now smooth and makes it easier to move through that area.

    -Reverted flanks back into not having see through walls.

    -Fixed missing area under left transition.​
  8. Change In Holds

    Change In Holds - B10
    Let me out, LET ME OUT!

    The forward holds have been looked over due to issue I saw in matches were they were held. It seemed impossible for teams to push out was the hold was in place and I didn't like it, nor did the players. Thus this version makes it easier for teams to bust out.

    Change log:

    -The respawn times for defenders have been increased by 1 second in the map logic which therefore means that instead of 8 seconds to...​
  9. B9b

    Change log:

    -Reverted clipping on rocks in the right choke to a previous version. The clipping changes were initially made in order to stop stickies from being hidden inside the rock. Unfortunately, my attempts to remedy the problem only made it worse, so it will be stuck with a trap spot that will have to be checked by players who know where it is.​
  10. Hot Fix

    Change log:

    -Clipping has been fixed around spawns so players can no longer escape map.

    -Windows have had clipping fixed.

    -The tree truck outside spawn can no longer trap players.

    The rock in right choke has had it's clipping redone to stop stickys from being hidden to easily.​